Sega: Sonic in Smash Bros 4 'would be awesome', still unconfirmed

Sega won't say if Sonic will be included in the new Super Smash Bros but agrees with fans that it would be great if the blue blur joined the battle along side Mario and Mega Man.

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kirbyu1998d ago

Mario Vs Sonic Vs Mega Man Vs Pac-Man.

LOL_WUT1998d ago

Let's make it happen Nintendo! ;)

Jagsrock1998d ago

I'd be surprised if he doesn't return.

BullyMangler1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

its better if he dsnt return this time. . . sonic can stay in brawl along with snake . . this makes sonic and snake more jewly and sakurai can work on bringing in newer characters for the next smash. looking forward to seeing Garet from Golden Sun and Rayman in the new smash <

then one day the next smash game will feature all past characters in one game.

Zodiac1998d ago

There is no reason that he should not return. Sakurai did say that there will not be a lot of 3rd party characters, but i think MM and Sonic are the exception. They are as iconic as many Nintendo characters and Sonic deserves to stay. The only other character that is iconic enough to join would be Pac-Man.

die_fiend1998d ago

But they've already done Sonic. Just like Snake. And I presume he isn't coming back. Nintendo should focus on doing something new for a change. Not by new IPs but are they so out of ideas that they're making HD remakes of their classic games?

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