An Open Letter to Don Mattrick: The Xbox Community Wants to Talk to You

Dear Don Mattrick,

My name is Danny Peña, founder of Gamertag Radio. I've been part of the Xbox Community since I played your first console back in Nov. 2001 in New York City. One of the things I loved about that event was getting to know the people that worked on it behind the scenes. At the event, I got to meet an Xbox exec whose name was J Allard. He was at the event from the beginning until the end, talking to the fans and getting everyone excited for the next big thing. Years later, Microsoft was getting ready to launch the Xbox 360. J Allard came to our show just to talk about the console. (Thanks to a former employee, Trixie, for helping make that happen.) There was no PR involvement; it was J Allard himself who said yes to our request. He got us excited once again by just talking to us instead of depending on the media.

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jc485731972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Don Mattrick is just going to end up insulting the community. I still haven't gotten over some of the stuff he has said in the past about gamers.

Mr_Nuts1972d ago

I think they want to do more then talk

<hears the sound of everyone cracking their knuckles>

zeal0us1972d ago

That knuckle cracking sound could be heard across the world a few weeks ago before the DRM changes.

Dlacy13g1972d ago

Honestly Matrick is the last person I want to hear from at MS. Give me Marc Whitten over Matrick...

Jarhead17761972d ago

Like someone said before in these forums, MS hasn't been the same since J Allard left. I agree with that statement.

Aceman181972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

i was just telling a friend of mine that over the weekend. i remember when the first xbox launched, and it was about pure gaming. they had people who i could relate to, but now over these last two gens the higher ups make it very hard for me to relate to them with what seems to me like anti gamer vibe.

i loved my original xbox, my 360 not so much. im so disgusted with this company that i got rid of my 360 about a month ago.