Is the internet turning gamers into “entitled snowflakes”?

Are we raging out for no more reason than “just because”?

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Neoninja1996d ago

That was a good article. I want to say yes and no. No because feedback positive or negative has influence in the long run to help make things better. I want to say yes because it makes no sense for people to attack others or trash them because they have a different choice or like of something. I don't know if it's to make themselves feel good or what, but it is ridiculous!
Keyboard courage is something, but very very rarely would the person behind the keyboard have the guts to say something to someones face.

pr0t0typeknuckles1996d ago

i agree i mean i cant tell you how many times ive gotten attacked because i say god of war isnt the greatest series ever and kratos isnt that powerful,and to people just flip out and dont even let me explain my reasoning,they would act as if i said i hated the franchise (which i dont),yet on the brighter side there are cases like resently how gamer outrage got the DRM for xbox one to be changed,and thats not entitlement thats just something that shouldnt have been done in the first place.

matgrowcott1995d ago

So your point is when your opinion is that something is right, the rage is justified, but when you think something that the majority disagree with, the rage isn't fair?

THIS is the problem with kicking off on the internet. Everybody thinks it's justified until it's aimed at them.

lonesoul651995d ago

Unfortunately everyone is entitled everywhere. It will be the downfall of everything great we have built. In small communities equality can be a wonderful thing but when the system gets to large it breaks down. It;s human nature to become power drunk and it is sad to watch everyone jsut not get along because one person thinks that their ideas about life hold more water than the next.
I find it a rarity in this "me" genereation for people to give praise outside themselves or to try nd look at things from others perspectives. The ideas of respect and understanding seem to have gone out the window a long time ago.
As for gaming community, at least from my perspective, it was around Counterstrike v1.5 that I started seeing this trend happen. It actually turned me off to gaming for several years...

I don't have a solution for the problem even though I fully recognize it exists. It had forced my friends and I to go private groups when gaming as to not hear it. It has forced me off reddit because minus some great open forums with is a breeding ground for negativity.

Man...why can't we all just get along!!!!

Y_51501996d ago

Entitled snowflake? Never heard of that better read and find out!

hazelamy1995d ago

so, gamers are entitled for raging against companies trying to deny them their rights, while the industry is perfectly justified in going after money they legally have no right to and in doing so violate our rights.


sonicjam1995d ago

Sum it up the game companies will like to tax every purchase pretty much.

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