E3 2013: Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster Preview | EGM

EGM: "It’s almost here—the Final Fantasy HD collection you’ve been waiting for! Well, OK, you’ve probably be waiting for a Final Fantasy VII HD remake. And, really, I’m waiting for a Final Fantasy XII HD re-release. But, hey, I loved (and still love) Final Fantasy X a bunch, so I’m more than OK with the idea of going back to it after all this time. From my (admittedly brief) time with the collection, it seems as if the team working on these remasters is really putting some nice effort into the upgraded graphics. Both games will look quite lovely on your HDTV, but I feel like the real treat will be seeing these graphics pop on the Vita’s OLED screen."

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CaulkSlap1880d ago

One question. Is this going to be Cross-Buy?

justlikeme1880d ago

C'mon now. It's square enix. You really need to ask that question?

CaulkSlap1880d ago

You're right. That would make too much sense.

Treian1880d ago

I care about this game.

3-4-51879d ago

I've never played FFX.....if I will be the HD yea I'm pretty sure millions of people care about this, both fans of FF and non/new FF fans.

MonChiChi1880d ago

My Vita is so eager for this.