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The Escapist: "It's rare when a game developer opens up its toolbox so early in a console generation. Microsoft Studios made a lot promises during its press conference that were forgotten in the hullaballoo of Sony's dressing down, but the one that stayed true was Project Spark's pure blissful creation. With the tools provided on the disc, you can create almost anything - within minutes, a beautiful 3D game world can emerge. Sure, Project Spark isn't technically a 'game' but if previous open platforms like Minecraft or the Neverwinter Nights Aurora toolset are any indication, you will have access to thousands of experiences created with it."

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Belking1973d ago

Another great upcoming xbox game... Looked rally cool at E-3.

giovonni1973d ago

This game sparked my interest, no pun intended at e3 the voice commands are pretty slick

Dlacy13g1973d ago

Most interesting to me is this being free to play. ..wondering where the price point's will be placed.

1973d ago
The_Truth_24_71973d ago

I wish Spark Unlimited was making this game.

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