Battlefield 4 Alpha PC Performance and Settings Unveiled

Now we talked how PC is the lead platform for Battlefield 4 and you may know that the Alpha version of the game went live a few days ago. Russian gaming site, GameGPU.RU tested the Battlefield 4 Alpha version with a wide variety of graphic cards at various settings which you might be interested to look into. It should be noted that the optimization for the game should not be considered final as the game is still an Alpha phase which means its in a very early stage of development. BETA and the final retail version would improve the games performance drastically and GPU makers would offer new and improved drivers for their cards for improved frames and stable gameplay.

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hennessey861520d ago

I need a new graphics card then 7850 is not going to cut it.

lsujester1520d ago

Same here, my GTX 580 is falling so far down the list. It's so sad.

Maybe I'll have a Christmas miracle and Newegg will accidentally ship me someone else's pair of 780s.... and a bigger PSU.

hakis861520d ago

A bit early too decide to get a new Graphics card, isn't it? CAn't you guys just get the game and try first, THEN get a new GPU if you feel like you have to?

I mean, I've tried several Alpha builds over the years, and by the time the game is out it has been optimized a lot. And then there is a few months of driver optimization from AMDATI / Nvidia that REALLY helps in terms of frames per second.

RedDeadLB1520d ago

Meh, it's only alpha, performance will increase drastically by the final release. I'm not worried, I have an HD7850 myself.

hennessey861520d ago

I've only had the card a few months and want to wait until the next AMD series come out before buying a new one

daggertoes831520d ago

Lol I would stick the disk in and my computer would spit it right back out and laugh at me. Wish I new about all this stuff. That's why I play consoles I guess,

Nafon1519d ago

It's pretty easy to learn. I went from knowing nothing about computers to knowing a lot in less than a few weeks just from watching how-to videos and googling terms I didn't understand once every few days.

JKelloggs1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

I wouldn't be worried, aren't these all on Ultra? It's only Alpha after all, and will be more optimised as the game progresses :)

gamewizard991520d ago

I wonder what settings the ps4 and xbone will be using to get 60 fps. Medium maybe?

JKelloggs1519d ago

Yeah DICE said they're having 60fps

General Shrooms1520d ago

only if you want to play maxed.

Nafon1519d ago

I think the final build will be a lot more efficient. The FPS drop from 4xMSAA to no MSAA is extremely small. In BF3 and other games, it is a pretty significant drop.

RedDeadLB1519d ago

Don't worry dude. BF3 beta ran like dog crap on my GTX 460, when the final game came out I played it on Ultra without MSAA up until last month when I got the HD7850. Trust me, don't discredit the 7850 yet, it's a great card and it will stay that way for quite some time.

ninjahunter1519d ago

Its in alpha, A lot of games see well over a 100% increase in performance towards the end of beta.

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coolmastermarktwo1520d ago

Damn...My 670 is going to have a hard time...Unless Nvidia releases special drivers for 600 series cards.

slampunk1520d ago

I'm hearing you there mate......drivers will get better post launch though....

titletownrelo1520d ago

damn, I've been on consoles far too long, don't know any PC lingo, lol. :P

kaozgamer1520d ago

36fps hmmm. hopefully better at medium setting

hakis861520d ago

Makes me wonder which "preset" lvl of detail the PS4 and X1 will be running.. Can't wait for a Face-off at Digital Foundry!

imXify1520d ago

Well I guess they both need to release new graphic card then.

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