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OXM UK: "Rockstar's sense of the magnitude of its contribution sometimes blinds it to the fact that certain scenarios (e.g. GTA 4's social mechanics) simply aren't much fun. And Volition's urge to one-up itself, delivering ever-more sensational opportunities for goofiness and carnage, can be rather exhausting. After a while, you find yourself hankering for a game that adheres to some standard of naturalism, and imposes severe consequences for drifting from the designer's agenda.

Sadly, Saints Row 4 appears to represent this urge at its most frantic and stretched-thin - a loose, fairly charmless volley of new scenarios, weapons and characters which has more in common with the expansion pack it was originally supposed to be, than the full sequel it supposedly represents."

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vishmarx1973d ago

and why comparison with gta v makes you as stupid as the dubstep gun

dirigiblebill1973d ago

Of course Volition has pushed back against the GTA comparison - PR 101 is not to allow the "conversation" to be dominated by references to a better-selling rival - but that doesn't make the comparison invalid. Saints Row is absolutely ridden with GTA DNA - wanted systems, the way collectables work, property, smartarse pedestrians, rags-to-riches storyline, etc.

They're divergent takes on the same fundamental concepts, and there's more to learn about each by contrasting them than by pretending they exist in isolation. Frankly, protestations to the contrary smack to me of defensiveness on the part of Saints Row fans. To say that Volition's approach is less successful than Rockstar's is hardly damning - most developers, believe it or not, are less successful than Rockstar!

pr0t0typeknuckles1973d ago

why are you comparing saints row to gta,now yes in the begging it started out as a gta clone,but SR3 made it evident that volition wanted to branch SR out into something a little different,and even in your article you point out the differences of how its over the top and state it cant compete with gta,dude the point is that SR is over the top,its not trying to compete with gta anymore,even volition has made that clear,personally i like the new game,now i think the powers are a little to much but the weapons make the game i dont know different,they make it feel like a video game,which are supposed to be an escape from reality where you can experince stuff you cant in real life.

RavageX1973d ago

Taking out the GTA comparisons and the article still makes sense.

I looked at the SR series as a FUN open world game with a story that still made sense and had serious moments.

SR2 had a perfect blend of everything, did activities right, story was good, the only things that needed work was the multiplayer and the graphics.

SR3 took SR2's success and fanbase and headed down a dark road. All they had to do was continue with the overall story and keep it good, improve the graphics and keep it fun.

Instead they turned into a game for pre-teens with no attention span whatsoever. Only they could appreciate a story that was complete rubbish and be distracted by stupid things like jar farts.

I swore I would stop posting on articles about this game, but I can't seem to help it. The direction this series has taken infuriates me to no end. I don't think I've been this letdown by a game series in a long time.

Fasttrack761973d ago

You cant compare these anymore, gta is still gta,saints row has gone way of course, and in my opinion not a good course. Saints row 1 & 2 were the best

MestreRothN4G1973d ago

Money grab. Expansion pack sold as a full sequel.


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