Top 5 Reasons Why Bungie’s “Destiny” Will be the Biggest New IP Launch of All-Time

Halo was big, WoW was big, and Call of Duty was big but they ain’t got nothin’ on Destiny. Bungie pulls out all the stops and is preparing to drop one of the most important new IPs we’ve ever seen.

We here at COG have been closely keeping an eye on Bungie’s latest massive undertaking, Destiny. While at E3 in LA a couple of weeks ago, we were blown away with the hands-off gameplay demo and to say there was a little Destiny fever on the E3 show floor would be an understatement. We are certainly excited about Bungie’s next venture & for good reason, it looks great so far. Not to mention it is clearly an ambitious game having been in development for approx 7-years or so. The expectations are undoubtedly high as Activision has gone ‘all in’ with Bungie signing them for 10 yrs which suggests we may see several Destiny games. At this point, the prognosis is very good for Destiny so we thought we'd give you five reasons why we believe Destiny will be the biggest new IP launch of all time.

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KillrateOmega1973d ago

Fair points.

As for it being the "Biggest New IP Launch of All-Time", who know? Maybe it will, maybe it won't. I'll definitely crack open my wallet and try to help it get there though :)

Digital_Anomaly1973d ago

Yeah I've pre-ordered both consoles and the ONLY game I've pre-ordered so far is Destiny. That being said there's a metric crap ton of other games I want but I'm not 100% on which I'm gonna plunk cash down on right away just yet.

KillrateOmega1973d ago

The only games that I know for sure that I'm going to get (once they are available) are:

inFAMOUS: Second Son
Battlefield 4
Killzone: Shadow Fall
Watch Dogs
Batman Arkham Origins
MGS5: The Phantom Pain

As for everything else, I'm on the fence. In an ideal world, I'd have enough money to buy way more than what I just listed, but, unfortunately, this isn't an ideal world.

Pillsbury11973d ago


Wow it's amazing to think with all the games you are buying it will be more than the system itself, 420$ plus taxes. Gaming is an expensive hobby unfortunately :/
Now shut up and take my money games!

Polysix1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

Just as well we can sell them on then (if needs be) *phew* *bullet dodged* *no thanks to microsoft*

Crazyglues1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

@ Colts_15

Yeah but what system did you buy destiny for???..


Anyway a little of the dust has settled and we have seen some things.. -And sadly my views have changed on some games.. (like Driveclub - no longer looks like it's going to be good) -Thought it would be a huge open world, it's looking more like a point to point cheesy arcade racer and nothing more.. (I guess I'll check it out on PlayStation Plus, but as of now I'm on the fence..

So My must have list now looks like this..

-Day One-

The Division

Anything not on this list I'm on the fence on..

||.........___||............ ||

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FamilyGuy1973d ago

Activision with makers of halo, on an mmofps that's releasing on PS3, PS4, X360 and X1

It seems obvious :/

psyxon1973d ago

why do people keep referring to this game as an mmo?

Geezus1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

it very might well be i will never doubt Bungie because of all they did with the Halo series... this will be a day one purchase for me.

busytoad1973d ago

Cant wait to play it on my ps4 woot :)

ThyPizzaGod1973d ago

A must buy for my PS4. Im so excited, also the Division looks fantastic!!

No_Limit1973d ago

Next year with Destiny, Halo, and Titanfall on dedicated servers...should be great time.

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