11-Year-Old Takes School Network By The Horns

When Victory Baptist School, a small private school in Millbrook, Ala., was struggling to keep its computer network together last year, an 11-year-old student named Jon Penn stepped in as network manager.

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decapitator3619d ago

Man, give this guy a few more years and he will be taking a state network. Such brains, I would not be surprised if he end up working for the government in future provided he becomes a master hacker by then.

Voozi3619d ago

Common sense...

"oh your computers are full of viruses, lets get you guys anti viruses"

"oh you guys are using windows 98 so most new software is gonna be in compatible, lets upgrade you guys to windows 2000"

Sorry but that's stuff those people should have know on there own lol, but props to an 11 year old for knowing "that much" even though it's common sense for me lol