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Submitted by MariaHelFutura 956d ago | opinion piece

How can Xbox One win Japan?

Few onlookers could deny that the Xbox One console reveal was a very America-centric affair, with Japanese talent in particular conspicuous by their absence. Nonetheless, Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business president Don Mattrick has promised the company is still "committed" to Japan. (Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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BadboyCivic  +   957d ago
It can't , so don't bother
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Blackdeath_663  +   956d ago
..well it won't if it doesn't launch in japan in the first place. i'm curious as to how the reversal of DRM will affect launch dates for the XBone and if the list of 21 countries still stands or if there is no problem now that the XBone is region free.
jc48573  +   956d ago
there is a very small fan base in Japan and they are happy about the reversal.
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tuglu_pati  +   956d ago
"How can Xbox One win Japan?"

the can't period.
kreate  +   956d ago
microsoft can totally dominate japan.
but they choose not to do the work required to dominate, instead they just fuss about it.
they only got themselves to blame.

looking back at the 360, they made a nice push with the jrpg in the beginning of that generation. but that's all it was, a nice 'push'. they lacked consistency and gave up too fast.

with that kind of mentality, dont even try.

look how bad the ps3 was in the beginning, sony turned it around becuz they worked their butts off.
Godmars290  +   956d ago
If JP devs find their groove on the PS4 and there's a resurgence of interest in what they have to offer, then MS is going to have get something going in Japan by default.
MizTv  +   956d ago
They have been trying for over 10 years now!
The Japanese don't seem to like xbox but I don't blame them
ABizzel1  +   956d ago
2cents  +   955d ago
By changing ther name from Microsoft to Sony and changing the console name from Xbox to playstation.
3-4-5  +   955d ago
Ship the console in a Nintendo Grey Color and label it Nintendo 1

Their only hope.

They won't matter in Japan.
pixelsword  +   955d ago
If they blow-up Sony; and even then, they would have to go house to house to destroy any remaining PS4s.
PFFT  +   957d ago | Funny
IT will be IMPOSSIBRU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KillrateOmega  +   957d ago
It's very unlikely that Xbox will beat PS when it comes to the Japanese market. Or at least, this is true for the near future.

It's JAPAN and Sony is a JAPANESE corporation, bro. Sony started out with a home field advantage and currently has a very firm hold on the market there.
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finbars75  +   956d ago
I dont think its possible for the Xboxone to beat PS4 in any country but the US right now.They seem very little enterested to catering to rest of the world at all.Its really embarassing for a company like MS to have pulled all the crap they have pulled to really get started any wheres else.If they had been staright forward about everything that has been going on especially the terrible PR thats taken place they actually could inch that foot through the door worldwide but it looks doomed before it even started.Sony has done everything right and really has captured alot of new fanbase after all thats been said and done.Japan would have been the first place I would have attempted where its such a huge market in the gaming industry.
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ApolloTheBoss  +   956d ago
Hate to say it but Sony being a Japanese company has nothing to do with it. I mean look how well Sony is doing in the UK and other countries besides Japan. Also with Nintendo. What do both of them have in common? They have GAMES, and lots of them, that appeal to the majority of the Japanese people, simple as that. If Microsoft made more games that appealed to the overall Japanese market then they wouldn't have this problem. But it's way too late now.
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Heartnet  +   956d ago
Sony is doing well in the UK etc cuz we all love the underdog :P there not the underdog no more :D Ms will be victor ^^

Least thats my view on it anyway ^^ Sony have become to unproffesional more like an indie company than anything else so dunno how well they will do in terms of monetary value.. they got like no money in comparison xD
Heartnet  +   956d ago
The only game MS misses is Monster Hunter... thats how they can win Japan over... Xbox: Monster Hunter KINECT VERSION
ltachiUchiha  +   957d ago
Its going to be hard because they arent very consistant with any area including EU & US when it comes to support. My 360 been sitting there collecting dust for a while now. Id try out state of decay but im being honest, the last of us is the only game im playing at the moment & is so good that i feel if i buy state of decay i might not be impressed. Good looking game though but im just not ready to let go of the last of us.
Kingthrash360  +   957d ago
lol @ title question....... its like asking how can bin ladin be the US president.
or how can Cliffy B. not be a dicktard.
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   957d ago
im sorry but it just cant compete in japan,not because its a bad console but because the japanese dont like american product,and they have good reasons,especially when it comes to xbox,they dont cater to the japanes in anyway,from the size and capabilities of the console or the exclusives,lets be honest,xbox is the dude bro shooter console,while playstation and nintendo are seen as the rpg,hack n slash, platformer, and [insert weird,quirky,out of the ordinary game here] consoles which cater to the japanese,and microsoft either doesnt have many of those or none at all.
Lovable  +   956d ago
Japanese love Apple. That's an American product.

Japanese don't like the Xbox that's just the hard fact.

MS will never win in Japan, even with their JRPG approach last gen didn't last long.
NihonjinChick  +   956d ago
I hate when people try to say that Japanese people hate anything American made. That's false. All my friends and family over there love Apple products.

The Japanese don't buy MS products because most local Japanese developers make games for Nintendo and Sony exclusively. Do you know why? Because S and N make an attempt to work with them.
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   956d ago
well i shouldnt say they hate all american products,i worded that wrong,but when it comes to most things they tend to not buy the american product like cars for example,the japanese tend not to buy american made cars cause the majority feel that the homeland made cars are betterand in your last statement,i feel the same thats why i said that microsoft need to make an attempt to make more games that cater to the japanese instead of shooters which cater to the west the most,cause if they help themselves then japanese developers will jump on board,its like the psp,no one made games for it in the west that catered to the consumer so it sold poorly,but in japan,it had a crap ton of werid,jrpg games which the japs love,and it sold like hotcakes over their.
tiffac008  +   956d ago
MS did try to get JRPGs on their console. They even got Idol Master and Monster Hunter MMO on the 360 which is very popular in Japan and even have exclusive niche JRPGs but nothing works.

If MS is already having problems winning the hearts and mind of the gaming populace across Asia then its going to be even more harder to get the Japanese to buy in. When they are already deeply embedded with Ninty and Sony.

Japan also has become handheld centric which does not help the overall scheme of things.
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SEAN1617  +   957d ago
By changing its name to the "XBOX PokemOne"
SEAN1617  +   957d ago
But in all honesty it cannot and Microsoft will just say that Japan does not matter.
WeaseL  +   956d ago
Make it free?
edonus   956d ago | Spam
2pacalypsenow  +   956d ago
Lets ask the xbox 360 ... O wait
familyguy83   956d ago | Spam
Foxgod  +   956d ago
It doesnt have to, Japan does not equal the world.
However ms did open Studio Osaka, and they brought in Land ho to develop Crimson dragon.

A few good games for the japanese market could tide people over.
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Minato-Namikaze  +   956d ago
Gonna take more than a few games. They have to prove they have reliable hardware before anything else.
Urusernamesucks  +   955d ago
Just like the wii right?
MizTv  +   956d ago
What's 1 game going to do?
Hicken  +   956d ago
Interestingly enough, though: the difference between 360 and PS3 in the US was pretty much nullified by the same difference in Japan.

Oh, and the rest of the world, too.

See, one region isn't all-important, but they ALL matter.

"A few good games" didn't help this gen- even if they're as good as Lost Odyssey- so why would that have a different result next gen?
jon1234  +   956d ago
from the beach  +   956d ago
It might not win, but it will need Japanese support and hopefully like the 360 it'll get a nice selection of exclusives.

There's also a new studio in Osaka so let's see what they produce!
Dlacy13g  +   956d ago
I honestly don't know...but part of me really feels a bit of "I dont really care if they win Japan over either". I have enjoyed their consoles just fine with out the support of the Japanese consumer.
Cmk0121  +   956d ago
It can't win Japan period , they tried last gen and the Japanese shunned it. Japanese gamers like different games, guys that look like girls and rpg games with guys that look like girls.
reko  +   956d ago
Japan is not the only country that supports the PlayStation ..
The whole Asia, Australia n more ...
PositiveEmotions  +   956d ago
Xb1 is fucked in japan so good luck to them.
Dlacy13g  +   956d ago
Thats just it, I don't think they really care about Japan...and frankly they don't need Japan. They put up great numbers with out Japan this generation and I can see them doing that again.
PositiveEmotions  +   956d ago
That maybe true but the difference is that ps4 sell are good around the world without a struggle and xb doesnt have much sells in japan
Hicken  +   956d ago
They had a lot of advantages this gen that they won't have in the upcoming one, so saying what worked last time will work again is naive, at best.
Urusernamesucks  +   955d ago
Xbox is fuked in japan,lol gl*gets agrees*

Ms dont need japan*gets disagrees*

Nnnno Nnnoo they nee japan because dey hav too.

Lol this place is pathetic
JohnS1313  +   956d ago
How can Xbone win Japan? It can't.
buynit  +   956d ago
I dont think they can tap into that market, not as big as sony or nintendo anyway..

Ms needs to consentrate out side of japan first cause xb1 was damn near d.o.a..
VileAndVicious  +   956d ago
Never going to happen.
McScroggz  +   956d ago
Honestly there's no way it can.
horndog  +   956d ago
Dont bother. F@#ck japan. Not the market it once was anyways. Put the resources in other areas. Europe
josephayal  +   956d ago
Free Online and $199 The standard X1 Console
sdozzo  +   956d ago
It can't. C'mon.
Tundra  +   956d ago
You know how that whole thing goes when an unattractive, nerdy guy in school tries his damn hardest to get that popular, pretty girl in school to like him?

Pretty much the same scenario here. It's not happening.
KontryBoy706  +   956d ago
LOL that won't happen even if Microsoft went door to door knocking doing demos
Theyellowflash30  +   956d ago
It can't. Plain and simple. This article is nothing but fluff to raise traffic.
stage88  +   956d ago
Rebrand the bone as a PS4.
CrossingEden  +   956d ago
by making as many games as possible with underage girls in skimpy clothing and androgynous teenagers with convoluted and messy hair styles, seriously, its what sells there, this is known, there's a reason games like this are highly anticipated in japan
Hicken  +   956d ago
... you should really stop now. Your ignorance is painful to others.
CrossingEden  +   955d ago
so what you're saying is
-games with androgynous teenagers and underage girls in skimpy clothing are not popular in japan
-convoluted hair styles are not a popular character design in japan
-booby wars doesn't exist
all i stated were facts, to deny those facts, makes you delusional
Hicken  +   955d ago
Ironically, virtually everything you state is popular... well, everywhere. You've got emo kids out here with dudes that look like girls(I see them far too regularly), the young teens and tweens wear clothes they shouldn't even be thinking about, and convoluted and messy hairstyles accompany have the music movements in the west.

All you really did was take a gross generalization of anime and project it onto their whole society as being indicative of the entire populace's tastes. Ignorantly, you leave out how- with the large following anime has had in most of the western world for decades now- those very same things are present all over the place.

Boob Wars might as well be Zombeer, if you want to look at it that way. And there are plenty of other such games made every year that aren't Japanese.

Somehow, though, all that crap is necessary for the Xbox to be successful... as if the PS3, Wii, 3DS, or any other console relied on those things you state in order to do well.

Ignorance is the best way of describing your comment. MOST of your comments, in fact.
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