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With all of the sequels, with all of the first person shooters, with all of the over-promise and under-delivery of games these days, I have become more jaded than I would like about the video game industry. But this game in many ways has rekindled my love for it. The Last of Us is a masterful tale of two individuals who are both authentic and flawed. It creates one of the most memorable video game experiences I have ever played and I believe its the best game to come out in the last ten years.

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yewles11974d ago

And THIS makes 160 perfect review scores, beating Uncharted 2 by two...

ltachiUchiha1974d ago

I know i helped submit a few TLOU articles but damn i never thought that would be possible. Also 83 reviews at meta & still at %95. Naughty Dog has done it again. =]

showtimefolks1974d ago

I don't think this game gets enough credit even with so many perfect reviews

This is as close to a perfect gaming story as possible

Mature concept
Really shows how the world could react if something like this does happen
The relation between the characters evolved overtime in a mature and mannerly way instead of one cut scene and now they best buddies

Oh and the soundtrack which perfectly describes the mood

And the ending

You have to play this game, every must experience the story

JackBNimble1974d ago

Well I do agree that the single player game deserves the high scores , the multiplayer lacks in so many ways. There should at least be a coop mode if anything, this 4vs4 stuff just doesn't do it for me. And NO, I didn't buy the game for multiplayer, but it just feels like an after thought will no real effort put in to make it a worth wild experience.

I will be looking forward to the single player DLC though.

showtimefolks1974d ago


to be honest the MP i haven not played myself, i am not interested in MP.

But few of my friends who played it, praised it.

I don't agree with ND that all their future games will have MP, my thing is focus on single player and make it even long.

But i also know many people Loved the UC series MP and are liking the last of us MP so in a way they are trying to reach a bigger audience and i don't have anything again that, because their single player is still their main focus and it shows

SolidGear31974d ago

This game has effected me more profoundly than anything that's ever happened before. I don't know what it is about The Last of Us. To me, it's more than just a game. It changed my perspective on humanity in general and made me feel things I've never felt before.

xPhearR3dx1974d ago

I'm sorry, but Uncharted 2 doesn't come close to what this game accomplished. The voice acting for the roles needed to be played were done on so many perfect levels it's almost unbelievable. Not to mention the story is miles ahead of Uncharted 2. Aside from the pretty visuals, I didn't find U2 story or characters to be all that great. The Last of Us on the other hand, I did. I haven't felt this connected and caring for characters in a video game since Heavy Rain.

Williamson1974d ago

Truly is a masterpiece! Would want to play this game forever, thankfully some single player dlc was announced a while back.

ltachiUchiha1974d ago

Its sad that millions will pass this up for a game like COD. Nothing against COD fans but man yall definitely missing out big time. Such a gem. I cant wait to see what naughty dogs other team is working on. Im so amped.

nosferatuzodd1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

Indeed lots ppl will buy cod a generic
games just because their friends and everyone down the block has it

Williamson1974d ago

Well said. I kinda hope the savage starlight comic could become a game lol.