Why the Wii U is Going to be Just Fine

GamersBliss Writes - "With the announcement of all of the big gaming consoles at E3 and our first look at what the next generation has to offer, a big question on all of our minds here at GamersBliss is: “How is the Wii U going to come up against these giant home entertainment systems?”

Since launch the Wii U has been very unsuccessful, low sales, 3rd party developers pulling out early (wakka wakka), EA saying that they’re not developing any games for the Wii u at the moment , and a big lack of 1st party games, it seems like this quirky console is going to go the way of the Dreamcast and fizzle out."

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LOL_WUT1997d ago

BadboyCivic for president of Nintendo

Transporter471997d ago

Yup not spending 349.99 on a WiiU when i can get a PS4 for 399.99

Realplaya1997d ago

add the ps vita and it's a steal at 550 plus dollars.

meganick1997d ago

Did you know you can get a Wii U for $299 or even cheaper in certain places?

Up_N_U1996d ago

you know there is a $299 wii u rite. you gamers now days are so fucking garbage you don't give a single system a chance b4 ruling out the system is weak or isn't worth it.

Transporter471996d ago


Yup 8 gigs for 299.99 and 32 gigs for 349.99

Ps4 500 gigs 399.99


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CaulkSlap1997d ago

That's exactly where they need to price it to be competitive with the powerhouse systems. I know I'm not buying one until it inevitably drops. The hardware specs don't justify the price when compared to PS4 and there's a long ways to go in waiting for games to justify it otherwise.

Nintendo decided not to release a modern spec system again so they've doomed the WiiU to be a companion console for most gamers. Now they need to price it as such.

Bhuahahaha1997d ago

yeah still w8ting to hit the $200-250 mark

mudmax1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Meanwhile, sony still selling ps3 for $299. Which can't touch Wii U with a Dump Truck in my opinion. "Not modern Spec"LMFAO

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GameReviewGuy1997d ago

I'm just waiting for Super Mario 3D World coming out later this year!

TheSuperior 1997d ago

I think everything with the Wii u will be poppin after the wave of Xbox one and ps4 is done.

kirbyu1997d ago

Super Smash Bros. 4.

Enough said.

Parapraxis1997d ago

For me it would be Mario Kart 8.
Just sucks that neither of those games will be out this holiday.
And it sucks, not just for gamers, but I don't think Nintendo is realizing how rough it's gonna go for them this holiday season.

McScroggz1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

I hate to bring this up again, but the idea that Nintendo games sell Nintendo consoles is misleading without context. Yes, the only reason people buy Nintendo consoles is for 1st party games, but every home console since the NES has sold fewer copies than the last until the Wii.

The Wii U needs games first and foremost, of course. But without a price drop, which I expect, I have a hard time believing the Wii U will compete with the PS4 or Xbox One.

However, at the same time, Nintendo doesn't need the same amount of sales to make a profit as Sony and Microsoft. So what exactly does the Wii U need to do to be considered a success? If it's to compete with the sales of the two other consoles, I highly doubt that will happen. If it's to satisfy the hardcore Nintendo fan, then it will probably do that.

LOL_WUT1997d ago

Pikmin3 (August) and The Wonderful 101 (September) will further prove your point for those in disbelief ;)

CaulkSlap1997d ago

Nintendo will remain successful financially as long as their fanbase of zealots keep buying everything they produce without question. It just baffles me how they outright embrace the greed, laziness, and stagnation of Nintendo.

$199 for the Wii U and it'll do as well as the Gamecube. I enjoy Nintendo games. It just annoys me to see them selling overpriced outdated hardware and developing games that take a shoestring budget compared to modern developers. Where's the full fledged 3d Pokemon RPG? Let alone new IPs.

Trago13371997d ago

$199 would mean having to take a MASSIVE loss on the system, $300 for the deluxe and $249 for the Basic seems fair enough.

CaulkSlap1997d ago

Well if they want to move systems that's what it's got to be. $199 basic and $249/299 for premiums. Nintendo always refuses to take a hit on hardware costs and this time it's going to bite them by having no user base. Already blew a year lead by lack of games. Now it's either price cut or get ignored even more.

And I doubt $199 is much of a loss any longer. You have got to realize how simple and cheap they went on hardware. I have literally thrown away 2GB sticks of DDR3-1600. 8/32GB internal flash memory adds almost nothing compared to a HDD. The custom CPU/GPU is the only internal component more than like $15. The Wii Gamepad is the only thing possibly keeping costs up. Heck the costs of assembling all this outdated junk into a console is probably the most expensive part.

AJBACK2FRAG1996d ago

The Wii U is going to steal this generation. History shows us that the least powerful console always wins it's generation. Better luck next time!

Hicken1996d ago

That doesn't seem very likely this time. In previous generations, those consoles had quite a bit going for them; the Wii U doesn't seem to have much at all going for it.

AJBACK2FRAG1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

It doesn't seem likely but that's the way it has always been. Do you own one? I think the Wii U has alot going for it.
1. Nintendo develops the best software in the world.
2. Nintendo home consoles are nigh invulnerable.
3. Lateral thinking with Withered technology.
4. The man Shigeru Miyamoto
5. Chicks dig me. I don't now how that will help but I'm dead sexy!

Hicken1996d ago

1. Debatable. Sony's in house devs are as good, if not better.
2. Fairly true. Don't know how much that'll help, though.
3. Perhaps, but where's the forward thinking?
4. So far, he's only helped them beat Sony for one generation, and even that victory is is tentative.
5. I can neither confirm nor deny these allegations.

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