Sony Will Defeat Microsoft In This Console War

I must say this, Sony is leading in pre-Orders has of right now, not only that but ps4 is one hundred dollars less than the xbox one . Which means that if Microsoft doesn’t drop the price of the Xbox One, and remove this mandatory kinect 2.0 from spying on people, this will hurt their sales. Now the next thing is this , Microsoft needs more first party titles, we are tired of seening the Halo’s , Forza, & Gears of War. Microsoft is running these titles in the ground , we are in the next gen era so we need to see new ip’s out the gate. Sony on the other hand is producing more first party titles at launch , giving gamers more to choose form . The ps4 is more powerful than the xbox one, a prime example is the memory, xbox one is using GDR3 and ps4 is using GDR5.

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KingKelloggTheWH2001d ago

A bit early to say who will win the console war,but it does seem Sony will take an early lead.

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ABizzel12001d ago

I agree it's too early, but logically speaking it's not that hard to believe.

PS3 still outsold Xbox 360 launching a year later, with a $100 - $200 price difference the majority of the consoles life cycles, tons of negative press the first couple of years, and developer not being able to cope with the hardware early on.

Sony has eliminated all those problems Day 1 with the PS4, and on top of that they're $100 less, with MS adopting all the problems that plagued the PS3 this time around.

Logically speaking the PS4 has a huge advantage going into this console generation, also Nintendo isn't looking to good either.

Mustang300C20122001d ago

I laugh about this because honestly, it took them 7 years to catch up and they didn't dominate in all parts of the world either.

ThatCanadianGuy5142001d ago

I have a feeling you won't be laughing much this time around.

IRetrouk2001d ago

@ mustang, it didnt take 7 years to catch up, ps3 was out selling 360 from day 1, the diffrence in numbers were due to being a year later in usa and a year and a half in europe if you look at the numbers you would see this, but it really doesnt matter that much, i got to play some fantastic games this gen on all consoles, cant wait to get stuck into the ps4 day 1 and the one a lil down the road.

imdaboss12001d ago

ps3 did outsold the 360 ms won the batter but not war..its different now Sony releasing the PS4 at a cheap price expect PS4 to murder the xbone..PS4 will sell at least 30 million more then the xboner..Ill say within 2 to 3 years..Quote me on that..

sarcastoid2001d ago

Very true. If someone would've told me in 2007 that ps3 would beat 360 worldwide I would've laughed. No way to tell how this coming gen will turn out but Sony is definitely hitting the ground running and doing almost all the right things.

The_HarryEtTubMan2001d ago

If they still passed MS this gen, and looking at how things are going so far for the new consoles....I believe Xbox One won't even be competitive worldwide. We are talking about a good old-fashioned blowout.

jahcure2000d ago

tell me this...why is this a surprise?

when has the Xbox EVER beaten the Playstation in any version of the console wars?

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kennyg37392001d ago

Here we go again, another one of these articles.

-Mika-2001d ago

Ya but since it pro sony. It not going to get reported.

KingKelloggTheWH2001d ago

Plenty of the Pro-MS ones get through as well.

NihonjinChick2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

I don't see you saying this on any of the pro Microsoft articles.

TXIDarkAvenger2000d ago

Pretty sure Mika means that since this article is pro-sony it won't get reported because N4G is a pro-Sony site.

Pro-MS articles only get approved to be flamed.

True_Samurai2001d ago

Opinion :-D
Please a lot of people claim that the price is an issue. Trust me people will go to lengths to get what they want

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gamernova2001d ago

So then the streak will continue? I mean the current gen console war is still going technically so it is not over until the ps3 goes like the ps2 but they have outsold the xbox 360 and I imagine the last of us will generate even more sales for sony. I am a PC gamer so lets get that out of the way but it seems to me like everyone is counting the current gen war over. One war at a time please :P But it definitely seems like ms lost a lot of people with their drm then their lack of balls to stick to their plan. At the end of the day, console makers generate the most money from game sales and apparently the xbox smokes the playstation when it comes to actual game purchases so we will have to see.

StinKyNuGz2001d ago

the last of us omg..... fucking amazing cant stop playing it best game this gen

C-Thunder2001d ago

I agree, but at the same time I find it replaces all the fun in most games with stress. It's a strange experience, excellently presented, but I feel exhausted after each session with it. Certainly the best of its genre.

True_Samurai2001d ago

Dude the ending was so insane! I literally dropped my controller

asmith23062001d ago

Play through it on survivor difficulty if you really want to play it properly! Resources are really scarce, it's awesome!