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Blaine Smith of MMOAttack writes:

I consider myself more of a PC gamer than anything. I've owned a Wii, Wii U, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 but I always relied on PC gaming to deliver. Outside of console exclusives I found my rather expensive pieces of hardware acting as little more than dust collecting devices in my TV cabinet. However, after finally getting the opportunity to play Final Fantasy XIV on the Playstation 3, I'm far more open to the potential experiences available on next-gen consoles.

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ChozenWoan1996d ago

I've been playing DCUO for PC and recently for PS3 and I like it more for the PS3, but I think the game was designed from the beginning with a future port to consoles in mind. I find that it does help to plug in a keyboard to your PS3 so you can text faster... using a gamepad to enter text can be a pain.

All in all I think the move of MMOs to consoles is a good thing when I look at the features of the next gen. Great graphics at a stellar price, voice chat not requiring secondary apps, and f2p becoming the norm... although that in itself is a mixed bag. Yet overall MMOs and Consoles can make for some interesting gaming.

CaptainCamper1996d ago

I don't think I could have said that better myself. Kudos good sir! :D

Nevers1995d ago

I loved playing FFxi on my 360. I thought that DCUO on PS3 was incredible for my first F2P MMO experience. I didn't play much but it certainly impressed me. Playing the FFxiv Beta on PS3 is also an amazingly fun experience so far.

MMO's on consoles, successfull? Of course they will be.

Psn8001995d ago

Not for me MMO's sorry .

KillrateOmega1996d ago

I definitely wouldn't mind seeing more large-scale, detailed worlds being brought to consoles. If next-gen first impressions are anything to go by, then this seems to be happening anyway.

Bring on the MMOs!

Pisque1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

Will it be best on Xbox One because of Xbox Live and the $700 millions invested by Microsoft these past days on servers? Or will it have only to do with publishers?

Cmk01211995d ago

I think it will be better on xbl for the reasons you stated above as well as the better gaming controller. i think people are looking past the core stuff like controller design, online infrastructure and just assuming all these amazing things Sony is saying and taking them as truth. How did Sony's vision of home work out? was touted as this amazing social network with a laundry list of features that never came to life and actually were implemented. Sony will dominate in the offline arena. Campaign games, games that tell fantastic stories and resonate with people. MS will dominate the online space and sports gamer, the shooter genre etc. but thats just my take, right now sony is whoopin MS' ass ...just remember the wii outsold both the xhox 360 and the ps3 resepectively world wide by over 20 million units. stranger things have happened

otakukidd1995d ago

Actually, MMOs wouldnt use Microsoft servers. They would use their own so it can be used on systems more than the one. Also Microsofts xbox live policies actually push away MMOs. The main sticking point Microsoft wants everything to be under them.Microsoft will not allow cross play between Xbox ,PC, and PS. MMOs are built for PC and then ported to consoles. Why double the servers to have 2 desperate communities and not one big one. The only game that allows this ffxi and that came out in the first year of the 360 before the policy change. Now PS does.there are multiple games that allow this and since publishers can opt out of the psplus pay wall, a lot will go to the ps4 as we have been seeing. Also this is also the reason the 360 or the one is not getting ffxiv.

malokevi1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

I think MS will have a far more robust cloud infrastructure. They have already started talking up how its capable of persistent worlds and whatnot. Plus MS is offering massive amounts of dedicated servers to developers for ridiculously cheap. These server installations are tanks, and theres tons of them. Not a chance that Gaiaka can be optimized to preform those kinds of calculation. It wont even be there until 2014 at the earliest.

One of the reasons I've been on board with the Xbox One. There has never been any MMOs on console worthy of mention, but it looks like MS is going to start pushing it hard. Having missed out on 10 years of great MMOs on PC, its my turn!

CalamityCB1995d ago

I believe this is the gen MMOs start pushing more towards console gaming.

Pisque1995d ago

For the best or for the worse according to you?

porter4701995d ago

There could be a few issues with to many mmo's and F2P games for the console market, and to few players where it wont be profitable to launch say a F2P game, as the point is to get as many people playing your game to have a greater possible income.

Might be a bit hard if there's say 15 F2P games in the space of 5 years

CalamityCB1995d ago

For the best, there is a big market full of console gamers, accessing this market successfully will mean more MMO games for console and good old PC.

theWB271995d ago

I'd play something like what True Fantasy Online was going to be. Go out on missions if you choose or you can set up shop and be a store owner in any of the towns you choose.

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