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Submitted by -Mezzo- 958d ago | opinion piece

What We Still Don't Know About Next-Gen Consoles

Game Informer - With E3 in the books, the vision of Sony and Microsoft's next-generation consoles is starting to take shape. We've seen the consoles, played with the controllers, and previewed the game libraries, but we still have a few burning questions for both camps. (PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

Pisque  +   958d ago
Wait and see.
level 360  +   958d ago
It's still the XBox ONE's that I have more lingering doubts but also the console I'm more interested in getting impartial feedbacks and reactions from first-buy gamers' just to really know for certain about problems they are going to encounter with it's restrictions as well as solutions.
mrmarx  +   958d ago
i agree. we all don't know how bad the xbone will suck
RedHawkX  +   958d ago
its gonna suck real bad and all its games are going to pc and when xbox one fails all its games are gonna be going to the ps4. smart choice get the ps4 best of both worlds in the end. time to think with your heads guys not with your achivement score lol. also do you really want to risk another red ring of deaths?
GameBanger  +   958d ago
Well at least we know which console you would suck if it had suck-able parts :P*
mrmarx  +   957d ago
yeah it's called my wife.
True_Samurai  +   958d ago
If PS was a man I bet you'd be the first on your knees ;-p
usernamehhh  +   958d ago
if the Playstation 4 will include a headset or not, the Xbox One will http://www.noshitshurlock.c...
greedybear88  +   958d ago
Actually it's the complete opposite. The PS4 comes with a headset included and Xbox One doesn't...
VaporCell  +   958d ago
Lol you have no idea what you just said. Confirmed today xbox one will not come with a headset included by ign !
And it was confirmed the ps4 will bring a headset in every box aswell as an HDMI Cable!
Lol troll

Edit: ninja'd
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WeAreLegion  +   958d ago
The PS4 includes a headset. The Xbox One does not.
RedHawkX  +   958d ago

you my friend are a liar playstation 4 comes with a headset the xbox one does not. see you guys we got people spreading fudd who work for ms on this site and this guy is one of them.

also the xbox one is 100 dollars more in price and is weaker hardware.
it be pretty stupid to buy that over the ps4.
ps3 beat the x360 last gen even though the x360 was cheaper and had a head start but this gen ps4 gonna destroy the xbox one. no contest. have fun playing with no one online on the xbox one.
ZBlacktt  +   958d ago
Well, the pattern so far is Sony does it and MS follows. So we'll have to wait and see what Sony does next I guess.
Jakens  +   958d ago
They both follow each other.
ZBlacktt  +   958d ago
RRRight, welcome to:

No 24hr Online
a Blu-ray player

The 3 things that really matter in being a great product.

Now if it stayed like this:

Still has DRM
Still needs 24hr Online
A DVD player

How well do you think it would do? You watch, the price will come down soon too, lol.
one2thr  +   958d ago
I'd like to know what type of processor is powering the DualShock 4 controller(s), seeing that a gamer can virtually hand over their controller to someone via PSN to complete a section in a game for them...

If so that mean, that data has to go from; controller, to console, to another console, back to console, to the controller...

Or am I over thinking things?...
ZBlacktt  +   958d ago

Sounds like remoting in like on computers. Either way, now that is next gen thinking.
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kneon  +   958d ago
The controller has nothing to do with it, the ps4 will handle everything.
ZBlacktt  +   958d ago
Yeah, because clicking the Share button is not what starts the command, lol. Then navigating with the control to press the nest commands.
kneon  +   957d ago
Do you really think there is any processing going on in the controller when you press share? It just sends a button press event to the ps4 and it handles the rest. The local controller is not involved in processing the commands received from the remote controller. Any remote commands go to the ps4, not your controller.
one2thr  +   957d ago
Well yes I do believe that there is SOME sort of processing going on inside of the DS4 controller, if Im correct...

Doesnt EVERY electronic device with either a TOUCH PAD or touch screen (both being multi touch) have an onboard processor to calculate where exactly the panel (PAD/screen) is being pressed or touched at?...

If so then why would Sony not use a capable processor unit thats capable of doing that (whats written above), and send, recieve audio from the PS4, rumble commands, button commands, and etc. with the processor which in turn will cut down on controller lag/latency between the DS4 and PS4?...

Instead of having the controller info sent to the PS4, to then be processed, and now be sent back to the controller, compared to the controller processing the info ONBOARD, and then sending that info straight to the PS4...

And thy also mentioned that the lag or latency (wireless this time around between the system and controller has been reduced (compared to PS3)
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kneon  +   957d ago
Having the remote controller communicate with the local PS4 through the local controller is a ridiculous design. There is no need for commands to go through the local controller from the remote one. All that does is add latency and make the controller and architecture much more complicated.

The ps4 will simply hand over control to the remote controller, no need for extra complications. Remember your controller can't communicate directly with the remote one so everything goes through the PS4 anyway.
one2thr  +   957d ago
I see, thanks for answering my questions.
RedHawkX  +   958d ago
What we do know is everyone should get the ps4 day one. its the smart thing to do in this economy. you will have an extra 100 bucks left to pay some of your bills, car insurance, cell phone, and out some cash into your savings all while still having the best console with the most games.
ZBlacktt  +   958d ago
That $100 could buy you two full years of PSN Plus. Which will give you A LOT of gaming content.
ironwolf  +   958d ago
Worrying about an hour or two's pay. Really? Are you that much of a loser? And if it is more than a couple of hours pay, I suggest you stop worrying about game consoles and re-evaluate your life.
greenlantern2814  +   957d ago
you know a lot of people making 50 bucks an hour do you? that about 100 grand a year the average person makes less then 30 grand a year so yeah 100$ can make that decision for some people.
oscarcat59  +   957d ago
With the ps4 smaller and the power supply in the console I am wondering how hot and noisy it will be? Is anyone else wondering about this?
greenlantern2814  +   957d ago
wondering about both really, ps4 is smaller with internal power. but their have been rumors that xb1 was having overheating issues, again rumors idk how true it is, i do that a lot of 360s rrod. biggest failure rate of any game console ever
greenlantern2814  +   957d ago
every one should have more doubts about xb1, even if you over look any information you have gotten about it since xb1 announcement just remember the 360 rrod bs. that alone should make one want to wait and see about xb1. also ms has a day one update and that should scare anybody that paid attention to the wiiu launch.

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