What We Still Don't Know About Next-Gen Consoles

Game Informer - With E3 in the books, the vision of Sony and Microsoft's next-generation consoles is starting to take shape. We've seen the consoles, played with the controllers, and previewed the game libraries, but we still have a few burning questions for both camps.

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level 3601971d ago

It's still the XBox ONE's that I have more lingering doubts but also the console I'm more interested in getting impartial feedbacks and reactions from first-buy gamers' just to really know for certain about problems they are going to encounter with it's restrictions as well as solutions.

mrmarx1971d ago

i agree. we all don't know how bad the xbone will suck

RedHawkX1971d ago

its gonna suck real bad and all its games are going to pc and when xbox one fails all its games are gonna be going to the ps4. smart choice get the ps4 best of both worlds in the end. time to think with your heads guys not with your achivement score lol. also do you really want to risk another red ring of deaths?

GameBanger1971d ago

Well at least we know which console you would suck if it had suck-able parts :P*

mrmarx1971d ago

yeah it's called my wife.

True_Samurai1971d ago

If PS was a man I bet you'd be the first on your knees ;-p

usernamehhh1971d ago

if the Playstation 4 will include a headset or not, the Xbox One will http://www.noshitshurlock.c...

greedybear881971d ago

Actually it's the complete opposite. The PS4 comes with a headset included and Xbox One doesn't...

VaporCell1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Lol you have no idea what you just said. Confirmed today xbox one will not come with a headset included by ign !
And it was confirmed the ps4 will bring a headset in every box aswell as an HDMI Cable!
Lol troll

Edit: ninja'd

WeAreLegion1971d ago

The PS4 includes a headset. The Xbox One does not.

RedHawkX1971d ago


you my friend are a liar playstation 4 comes with a headset the xbox one does not. see you guys we got people spreading fudd who work for ms on this site and this guy is one of them.

also the xbox one is 100 dollars more in price and is weaker hardware.
it be pretty stupid to buy that over the ps4.
ps3 beat the x360 last gen even though the x360 was cheaper and had a head start but this gen ps4 gonna destroy the xbox one. no contest. have fun playing with no one online on the xbox one.

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ZBlacktt1971d ago

Well, the pattern so far is Sony does it and MS follows. So we'll have to wait and see what Sony does next I guess.

Jakens1971d ago

They both follow each other.

ZBlacktt1971d ago

RRRight, welcome to:

No 24hr Online
a Blu-ray player

The 3 things that really matter in being a great product.

Now if it stayed like this:

Still has DRM
Still needs 24hr Online
A DVD player

How well do you think it would do? You watch, the price will come down soon too, lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.