Why The Last of Us Should Serve as the Industry Standard for Action Horror Titles

The Last of Us, Naughty Dog’s survival horror title for the Playstation 3, exemplifies a successful combination of action and horror that other game developers and publishers should take note of.

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Hatsune-Miku1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

a lot of playstation first party games should serve as industry standard because they are often times better than other games in their respective genre. games like killzone, god of war, lbp, infamous, ratchet, heavy rain, uncharted, wonderbook,motorstorm, and a lot of others.

im a pc gamer as well as a console gamer and ive learned a lot since ive wasted money building a pc. i built an expensive pc to play open world games and all sorts of games with amazing graphics that are less linear only to see the truth that it was all a waste. the last of us is such an amazing game that its the best game ive played in years on any platform. the graphics arent like crysis 3 on ultra for pc and it doesnt run at 60fps but its a way better game than anything that as ever graced the pc.

i thought having a powerful pc with high fidelity graphics would be the best thing for me but only a few interesting games are worth having on pc but none comes close to the top rated games on consoles. its a fine gaming platform but too expensive because i want everything to be played at very high settings, i want all games to be released on it, a unified service for all games, no problems playing my games when i want to like viruses, error messages, bsod and other problems.

some people might say blasphemy or that its up to ones opinion how they perceive a game but the over product is way above anything on any platform and its only playable on ps3. from games like lbp, heavy rain, uncharted , killzone, infamous and a lot more playstation is just theplace for the best gaming experiences of high quality.

christian hour1974d ago

Harumph! Definitely one of the finest crafted games I've played in a very long time in my opinion.

ginsunuva1974d ago

It's not your opinion. It's a fact!

GribbleGrunger1974d ago

Good post. Hopefully, TLOU will demonstrate to other devs that throwing more polygons, higher resolution textures and better frame rates at a game does not in any way define what a next gen game should be. TLOU is a next gen game on a current gen console.

ABizzel11974d ago


I don't agree with every game on that list being an industry standard, but what I will say is that Sony's first party games are easily top 5 of their genre IMO.

Killzone isn't the best FPS IMO, but none of them nail it on all fronts IMO.

God of War, is the pinacle of it's genre. Maybe not combat-wise (Bayonetta, DMC 4, and Ninja Gaiden 2), but in every other way it destroys those games.

LBP created the genre so.

Infamous is #2 as far as comicbook style open world goes (Batman Arkham games take it IMO). But it's top 5 based on open world games, GTA's, Batman's, Red Dead's,

Heavy Rain is now number 2 IMO (Walking Dead), but Beyond has the chance of winning it back for team Sony.

Uncharted is #1

Motorstorm I don't agree with as far as racing goes, but it's more demolition durby than a regular racer.

and now The Last of Us is #1.

Now I don't agree with your PC spill, but to each their own.

kevnb1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

Well it's a good game, but that post is full of crap and is out of place. You spend a bunch on a PC and can't settle for anything but max settings... Yet a console is fine for you...
You can like what you want, but PC has its own great games like guild wars 2, witcher 2 (i know it has a crappy Xbox version), Rome 2 total war, Starcraft 2, amnesia, league of legends, planet side 2, etc... I can only really think of a handful of great console only games this gen, mostly Nintendo and Sony games.
I'm not bashing Sony, I game ps3 and PC. I really don't feel like I miss much at all with a gaming PC and a ps3

himdeel1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

I dont think his post is too out of place. He says he enjoys the game and has enjoyed it more than any other game on his platform of choice which is the PC.

As someone who was a PC gamer then begrudgingly switched to consoles and specifically to the PS3, the desire to upgrade your PC regularly vs paying for the most expensive/effective hardware at the time can suck. Being able to put a disc in and play seemed too easy when I firsts switched but I couldn't at this time imagine building up a gaming rig mostly to play games. I can totally understand why people go to a box store and buy a PC. It's convenient.

Anyway you cannot miss much gamewise like you both said when you have a PC and console(s).

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MrSwankSinatra1974d ago

capcom should take notes, a developer that has never even done a horror title just schooled them.

bohangirl841974d ago

You hit the nail right on the head Sinatra.

ltachiUchiha1974d ago

I definitely agree mate but to be fair though the original creator of RE is creating The Evil Within. Lets hope he can bring back that magic touch.

Utalkin2me1974d ago

Not only that, Last of Us would have been a better movie then world war z.

-Alpha1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

I dont really agree with calling Last of Us a horror game. It's a survival action game, sure, but Resident Evil 4 is still a more consistent, and much more scarier experience of a horror game.

There was only one real section in Last of Us where I was really scared (I'm sure most know what part).

I don't know why LoU is being compared to Resident Evil either, but if it's a straight up horror comparison, Resident Evil 4 is still the standard to me.

Lovable1974d ago

That's true because TLOU is narrative first before survival.

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mcroddi1974d ago

I can probably agree with that!

animegamingnerd1974d ago

it shows capcom that survival horrors are profitable

brandonw001974d ago

"For instance, at times you might catch Ellie whistling or humming which seems to be a habit she developed in order to cope with the dire situations she faces as well as to keep her entertained."

More and more we're seeing AI characters act more believable, which is great. The more believable the characters are, the more game worlds are intriguing.

porkChop1974d ago

I loved that. She had a believable personality. Like when she would pull out her joke book. It was great to see stuff like that, it really added to the experience for me.

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