AMD Talks Graphic Industry’s Trends – Radeon HD 7970 Still The King of $299 Price Segment

AMD passed me a note in which they talked about the the trends of the graphics industry currently and moving into Q3 2013. If you may remember, it has been over a year since AMD released their Radeon HD 7000 graphic cards which include the flagship Radeon HD 7970. AMD assures that their top of the line card is ready for next generation gaming with a strong developer support, improved driver performance and a game bundle that for now remains unmatched. The Radeon HD 7970 was launched on 9th of January at a price of $549 US. Since then, AMD has been hard on work releasing new Catalyst drivers to improve the performance in the latest gaming titles along with slashing the price of these cards for stronger competition against NVIDIA GPUs. Also we have seen new iterations of the GPU which include the GHz edition variant (starting from $369) and the Boost edition HD 7970 (Starting from $399 US).

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Arai1946d ago

That video hahaha...everyone is trolling everyone.

Crazyglues1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

Ok maybe it was just me but was anyone else watching this video - and when they went outside and drop the card on the ground -

Were you like me screaming at the screen, "No!.. I'll take it, don't destroy it... NooOooo! "

-ha.. ha.. or was that just me... LoL

WarThunder1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

Well AMD has the best price/performance video cards.

HD7970 at $300 is as fast as Nvidia cards at $400 and $500...

HD7970: $330

GeForce GTX 680 $500


TechnicianTed1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

That's weird, here in England they're around the same price -

Although I'd rather have a GTX 770 as it's only £20 extra but performs better than both cards.

TechnicianTed1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

No, I was talking about this one, GTX770 £329 -

And that's some selective benchmarking, let me have a go -

You can spin some more, but the 770 is the clear winner, and by a bit more than 4-5 fps.

badkolo1946d ago

the gtx 770 superclocked which is a super charged 680 trounces the 7970 and is only $400

badz1491946d ago

at $100 more outperforms last year's card. wow...shocking, right? /s

TheEnigma3131946d ago

AMD cards are pretty good. They're cooler and don't require as much power as nvidia.

Parasyte1946d ago

Trying to decide if I want to go with a Standard 7970 and OC it or a Ghz Edition 7970 for my new build.

fossilfern1946d ago

well whats the clock speed of the OC version, as in GPU clock? depending on how fast it is id go for the GHz edition, It would be more stable.

Parasyte1946d ago

I mean OC it myself. The stock clocks on most standard 7970 appear to be between 925mhz and 1000mhz depending upon manufacturer. The Ghz Editions seem to be at 1050mhz+.

fossilfern1946d ago

Oh right your clocking it yourself? Id go for the GHz edition it will be stable and you could probably push it even further if you wanted to.

ninjahunter1946d ago

7970, and even 7970m are top notch, If your looking to future proof for cheap, this baby will last you years and years.

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