Did Microsoft Shut Up The Xbox One Haters For Good?

The Tyuno Project: "On June 19, Microsoft made an big announcement about the Xbox One. Microsoft made some big changes that made a ton of gamers very happy. Microsoft is trying to fix their reputation and to please their audience. It seems that people are starting to see Microsoft and the Xbox One in a positive view, but I wonder if there are people still hating on the Xbox One?"

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AhmadCentral1970d ago

But have you seen Titan Fall?

-Major Nelson

HammadTheBeast1970d ago

Yeah on my PC lol.

Also, Did the PS4 destroying Xbox One in pre-orders shut the Sony haters for good?

georgeenoob1970d ago

There will ALWAYS be fanboys around, no matter how irrational and biased they'll sound.

ChozenWoan1970d ago

and I've got a PC.... and the game is on 360 as well.

Those who have been around gaming for a while can tell when a game is on a Limited Time Exclusive contract. EA wants money and MS gave them some to publish this game so it could be claimed as an exclusive. Well ok at launch it will be, but after a year it will come to PS consoles... even if EA has to publish Titan Fall: Sigma.

1970d ago
nypifisel1970d ago


Yea cause playing a multiplayer game doesn't require internet... dumb



If it's at a lesser pricce point? Sure... That was the problem with MS, it's not that you can't do this kind of DRM, Steam have been doing this for a long time and everyone loves 'em, because the DRM downside is balanced with really sweet prices. You can't expect DRM to be readily accepted with no counter points. Now, on Titanfall, I'll say wait and see, as it's also not on Steam, but on Origin (which is also yet to prove their system worth).

Thegamer411970d ago

I will repeat what i have said in another post.
I never understood why people consider titan fall an exclusive when its coming to pc as well, you don't see anyone trying to claim planetside 2 or the other free to play MMO games to be PS4 exclusives.

user55757081970d ago

well now its just back to hating on kinect, useless tv features, $100 extra and having to pay for xbox live just to use netflix

I'm also curious to see if they have hardware issues again this time around

JokesOnYou1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Well Hammad since getting the pc version is so "lol", ironicly the pc version doesnt match the X1 game this time lol, according to Respawn themselves the best version of Titanfall is on X1....on topic NO fanboys by definition will always hate the other console.

pompombrum1970d ago

Yes, will look great on my gaming PC!

Microsoft will shut me up when they either lower the price to the same as the ps4 or offer me the option to buy the console without kinect for the same price as the ps4.

C-Thunder1970d ago

Oh, you mean the multiplayer only 6vs6 mech game? Eh

No_Limit1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

The same old excuse if it is not on a Sony console, "I'll just play it on PC". I can pretend say the same with DC Universe and Planetside 2 as well but I can't because my laptop from 2 years ago cannot run these games. I bet many people have the same issue to.

Anyways, Titanfall on Xbox1 this Spring. Can't wait. :)

thecowsaysmoo1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Why spend 500+ dollars for Titan Fall, when I can get it on my 360?Their wont be too much of a difference in terms of graphics.

NewMonday1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

"But have you seen Titan Fall?"

AhmadCentral meant this as a meme, it's an ongoing joke in NeoGaf, it gets mention whenever the XBone weaknesses and problems are talked about.

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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1970d ago

Of course not. Even if there wasn't the 24 hour check in, and the DRM stuff they'd still get the hate. USA loves our Xbox... rest of the World meh.

It's ok though. My Xbox isn't going anywhere despite the hate.

d_dogg20071970d ago Show
aceitman1970d ago

usa loves a good price parents wont shell out 500$ for a system that why the bought the 360 , parents hmmm 399 or 499 ok 399$ and its the truth.

Retroman1970d ago

im in good ol u.s. of A my perference will ALWAYS!!! be ps1,ps2,ps3,ps4,ps5 so on.

only a NUT would buy anything out side of software for computers from MS....

creatchee1970d ago

The Xbox One could give unlimited, amazing, on-demand blowies and there would still be those who yell "b-b-but it doesn't toss your salad!"

koolaid2511970d ago

Parents shelled out $699 for the Ps3 when it released.

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georgeenoob1970d ago

Titanfall is not on PS4, it is a Microsoft Exclusive, no?

Thegamer411970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Double post

fermcr1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Just by curiosity... do Sony fanboys consider a game that's on the Vita and PS3/PS4 to be exclusive or multiplatform ?

EDIT below... actually NO.
Definition Multiplatform:
"In the consumer gaming market, Multiplatform games run on more than one gaming machine".

cpayne931970d ago

@fermcr those are still playstation exclusives, they are only on sony platforms. Titanfall is also on pc.

I_am_Batman1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

It's on Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. It'll probably be on PS4 later.

Beeker1970d ago

@fermcr if its on ps3 and vita then its a sony exclusive. If its on xbox and pc it is not a M$ exclusive. Simple enough for you?

Foxgod1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

So if its on Windows and XB1, which is also Windows, its not an MS exclusive?

Or where you planning to install those games on Mac or Linux?
Doubt itl work. VM's are good, but they aint gaming good.

1970d ago
BitbyDeath1970d ago


Titanfall can be played on a Sony PC.
It is not Microsoft exclusive.

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a_bro1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

they got rid of the DRM, thats a good thing, but theres still a lot more they have to do, like for instance,supporting indie gaming, and that price point. in my opinion i dont think there's much you can do with the kinect, but im not a game developer, so i dont know what games can be implemented and enhanced to make our core games better and fun. so they have to prove to us that $500 system with the kinect is worth the cost.

but they got rid of the DRM, that was the dealbreaker for me. my internet connection is "untrustworthy" so i would of hated and "always online" console. but its gone, and now, I have the thought of buying the console, but after i buy a PS4.

microsoft wanted to shove it down our throats, just like what they wanted to do with HD-DVD after they went to the bargaining table with Warner Bros. when they told them they wanted to kill the disc format and go all digital.

If anything, let that transition to digital take its course, kinda like nature. and give incentives to buy our games digitally.

CrossingEden1970d ago

project spark may possibly be the greatest game maker ever made and now they're even saying it could help people learn the bascis of game development and level design, that's great for indie development

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NYC_Gamer1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

People who dislike MS will continue to talk negative about X1....I couldn't stand the online/region locking restrictions but can now support the console since those are now long gone and dead...PS4/X1 will be my next gen consoles.

BabyTownFrolics1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )


I Iike it

LAWSON721970d ago

I dont $110 a year to just play multiplayer.

I_am_Batman1970d ago

I disagree. I dislike MS as a company for trying to implement DRM, treating indie devs bad, and a couple of other reasons however I think that the Xbox One has a lot of potential to be a great console. My main reason for not buying it at launch is that I don't trust MS. They could switch the focus to casual gamers when the X1 reaches a pricepoint where it'll be affordable for everyone similar to how they did with the 360. If they offer a version without Kinect and will accept self publishing I might pick one up for the exclusives at some point. .

Tyre1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

@I_am_Batman Well Said! People trying to make the dissapointed gamers look like crying fanboys are believing in a new lie. The lie that Microsoft didn't brought this on to themselves by dissapointing a whole lot of their fanbase & gamers in general with their schizophrenic scheme & arrogance. Greed has got the better of them. I've got 11 years of Xbox gaming behind me, but i'm buying the PS4 only, i am sorry but Microsoft dissapointed me. They're just dishonest and sore losers and i just do not like their mentality & their fake promises. JAllard's & his team (who designed the 360) were real cool people and gamers themselves, but they are all gone...Trixie360 warned us about the change within Microsoft, she was totally right. All that's left at Microsoft are suits and Salesmen, good luck with that blind fanboys.

Urusernamesucks1970d ago

DRM that never got to affect you but you still bitch like it did.

Mr_Nuts1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

You mean people will dislike MS for forcing Kinect onto people who don't want to be spied on or to pay extra for something they don't want to use

What about those who think MS are arseholes for not letting self indies publish or those who think it was still wrong for them to think of DRM in the first place. Then you have those who will believe MS will bring this back into effect in the future or do something just as worse

Point is just because of this one thing where they had no choice in reversing their policies anyway dosen't give them a free pass.

Honestly it amazes me what I'm seeing, people doing a 180 themselfs, thinking MS are saints for changing their policies when 1) There is still other faults with it, Kinect for starters as I've said above and 2) They never had a choice since pre orders were low.

People are making out that people were hating on MS for nothing and that faboyism came into it when it was more about morale

karl1970d ago

u are making sense dude...

why the hell did we complain soo much if there werent ppl who were actually going to buy an x1 if they change the Drm and online checkin system..

soo i totally respect your decision.. yet i wont buy a console that buys third party exclusives..

thats always been my reason .. DRM or not..

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ChipdiddyChip1970d ago

Haters will always exist, nothing ever shuts them up.

Sayai jin1970d ago

LOL. Why ask a question when the answer is so obvious.

Transporter471970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

I'm not hating on the System i'm hating on M$ because of their greed they were going to force the consumer with a ridiculous DRM then they reverse it because nobody wanted their DRM Crapbox. Now that drm is gone now its a considerable choice, but the thought of M$ trying to shove DRM down my throat will still stay in my mind.

ChozenWoan1970d ago

not to mention they still require always on Kinect and there is nothing to stop them from peeking when your console is online. Big Daddy NSA needs more info and MS is dedicated to getting daddy what he wants.