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After the badly received Tag Tournament 2 can Tekken Revolution bring the franchise back to it’s shape? Or maybe just keep playing the main series of games like we have been.

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despair1976d ago

"After the badly received Tag Tournament 2", never knew that an 83 on metacritic was badly received. That right there made this entire review slanted.

admiralvic1976d ago

Yup, though I don't see why this game needs a review. It's free and has trophies, so even if you hate the game. Well, you still have some trophies to unlock.

guitarded771976d ago

Yeah, I've played a few rounds and have had some fun. Free to play fighter with online and trophies. If the reviewer doesn't like it, he/she can delete it.

purenewsfelix1976d ago

Well, I still thought of giving my opinion on a franchise that I happen to love alot,if you read it all way thorough,I still said it to try it out due to the fact of it being free to see if you like it, It's all an opinion is what i'm saying.

Thanks for your feedback.

ABizzel11976d ago

Agreed, the game is as good as any of the previous Tekken's it just lacks the characters, but I see this more for pro fighting game fans, who only use a few characters and go by tier list.

But at the end of the day it's FREE.


HammadTheBeast1976d ago

There's about 12 characters and more to come as DLC. I just hate how long it takes to unlock them. First at 1000 G, second at 7000, third at 30 000 and last at 60 000.

It takes quite a while to get even 1000 more points. But oh well. Free to play.

ABizzel11976d ago


I'm not surprised buy the cost of unlocking in game. It cost millions of gold in the previous games to unlock simple accessories.

I wasn't to keen on this pay per fighter direction fighting games seem to be going. But I also realized I'm not as big of a fighting game fan as I was. I bought Virtua Fighter 5, Street Fighter 4, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Tekken 6, and a few downloadable fighters.

Besides the downloadable Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is the only one I still have via retail.

So I'm seeing that for most fighting games this is the direction for me, but I can't speak for everyone else.

purenewsfelix1976d ago

Well i just got that impression, you shouldn't dissmis a whole review due to the fact of one statement that doesn't even have anything to do with the game though. Thanks for your feedback

P_Bomb1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

For a free game it looks good, sounds appropriate, plays smooth. 5/10 for graphics (in the breakdown) isn't explained. Bit of a rookie move. Nothing deep here, but it's a notable FTP entry for those used to Jetpack Joyride types.

My biggest complaints are actually about the combo balancing. All the Law and Kazuya spammers online are kinda killing it. As such, the game could use some offline VS for replayability once you get your 100% trophies.

purenewsfelix1976d ago

Yes it's free, and I never said not to play the game. I think you should try it out and I do even recommend it at one point in the review, I just felt it was unloyal to what Tekken is and it was more of an attempt to go with Street Fighter Vs Tekken or something along those lines, yes I found spammers online to be a nuinsace
thank you for your feedback we are all still learning after all :)

thanks for you feedback we are all just learning afterall.

P_Bomb1976d ago

No prob, keep writing. Practice makes perfect, and ya gotta start somewhere :)

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abcde123451976d ago

This game is awesome, this review isn't.

ricochetmg1976d ago

I have played this game and I must disagree. Although the online coins thing is kinda lame.

purenewsfelix1976d ago

Thanks for your reply

I appreciate it. I have noticed quite alot of people who like this game and it's interesting to for me to see why, someone who wins an argument learns nothing after all, and I enjoy hearing other people's opinions and learning from them.

ricochetmg1975d ago

I would like to say i am not a big teken fan more of a DOA guy.

Orionsangel1976d ago

Tekken is as generically dull as it's ever been!

Moncole1976d ago

Did anyone expect it to be good?

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