Five Ways Sony Can Maintain its PlayStation 4 Dominance Over Microsoft's Xbox One

Microsoft stunned the world last week when it announced that it would no longer require Xbox One users to connect to the Internet every single day to play their games. At the same time, Microsoft also eliminated the anti-used game measures that would make it difficult for consumers to share or sell their software.

See how PlayStation 4 can maintain its edge over Xbox One.

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2pacalypsenow1517d ago

Keep doing what they are doing

BadboyCivic1517d ago

Its dominance?

How can someone make a statement like that is beyond me. How about we wait till they go on sale.
Sony has MS beat in the PR department and on spec sheet.

punisher991517d ago

"How can someone make a statement like that is beyond me. How about we wait till they go on sale. "

Because the PS4 is beating the xbox 1 in sales in basically every country, including the xbox1's home turf the U.S. Thats how.

creatchee1517d ago


Neither the Xbox One nor the the PS4 have sold one unit yet. They are tied at zero. Preorders matter, but still...

dendenmooshi1517d ago

can't underestimate Microsoft's marketing

ASBO-51517d ago

They both have indeed sold very many units, they just havent been delivered yet. If I go to amazon and plunk down $400 for my new ps4, I have purchased a ps4.

Elem1871517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

Sony is also clobbering Microsoft on price.

$100 cheaper and 50% faster? I declare Sony the winner between that fight.

But both companies lose in my personal opinion. One thing they are both charging for online multiplayer. i refuse to go that route. ill pick up Nintendo' console before i buy a system with paid multiplayer.

Also selling a performance console that can't even keep pace with a midrange PC? The $400 price tag of the ps4(1.8 teraflops) is $100 higher than a Radeon 7970 (4.0 teraflops).

Performance of the ps4 is good enough you say? I don't recall Sony showing off a single exclusive at 60fps, seems like they should of put a beefier GPU in the ps4. 30fps is terribad,we just came off a gen with 90% of games that struggle to hold 25 fps, no way in hades I will buy into another generation with that kind of lousy performance. (Surprisingly enough the Wii U showed mostly games in 60fps.., and here I thought it was on par with the ps360, yet its exclusives completely dominate everything we had on ps360, not bad for a box a fraction of the performance of the ps4)

Being a smart consumer keeps me from being brand loyal. Between free online play and gaming in 60fps(it completely changes gameplay, it should be the standard) both M$ and $ony lose me as a customer. PC/Wii U this gen for me (I did ps3/Wii last gen).

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georgeenoob1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )



The only thing ps4 has over One is the price, so far MS wins every other aspect. I would also say ps4 is more powerful, but ONE has the power of the cloud, making it more powerful than PS4 overall.

HammadTheBeast1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

Looks much better. Power of the cloud has been basically nothing yet, even the Respawn dev admitted all they've been able to do so far is make some cheap dedicated servers.

Kinect isn't always watching/listening.

PS4 is more powerful.

Exclusives (objective I know)

And MS have proven themselves to be arrogant ****.

Removable hard drive.

USB compatible with everything.

No mandatory games installs (that 500 GB on One will fill up quick)

PS+ so far demolishes XBL gold from what we know of next Gen.

Bluetooth, and allows use of previous Gen Headsets.

Shall I go on?

MysticStrummer1517d ago

The power of the cloud...


I_am_Batman1517d ago

It's interessting to see how Microsoft's cloud propaganda works. We have nothing but the promise from MS that the cloud processing will turn the X1 to a "super X1". Though theoretically possible there are some things you seem to forget/ignore:

1. Cloud processing does require a permanent internet connection.
2. There'll be a much higher latency in comparison to local processing.
3. Sony has the ability to do the exact same thing.

LackTrue4K1517d ago

2 weeks ago......there where NO XboxOne supporters....


KwietStorm1517d ago

Can you even explain what the power of the cloud means? That whole line is starting to sound like Apple's Retina display.

creatchee1517d ago


"Kinect isn't always watching/listening."

Yes, that is correct. I didn't think you'd lead off with a positive point about The One.

"PS4 is more powerful."

On paper, yes. But not enough at face value to make a huge difference. Also, the Microsoft chipset is proprietary and might have some enhancements and methods of running efficiently that we don't know about yet.

"Exclusives (objective I know)"

Extremely subjective.

"And MS have proven themselves to be arrogant ****."

What does that have to do with the quality of their product?

"Removable hard drive."

Plenty of external storage options on The One that aren't required to be first-party.

"USB compatible with everything."

What does that even mean?

"No mandatory games installs (that 500 GB on One will fill up quick)"

Installs help games load and run quickly and efficiently. And can you not delete games to make room?

"PS+ so far demolishes XBL gold from what we know of next Gen."

I agree that PS+ is a great value, but LIVE Gold is no slouch.

"Bluetooth, and allows use of previous Gen Headsets."

The new One headset has way better sound quality that has been called better than telephone quality. An upgrade that requires ditching the past.

"Shall I go on?"

Yes, because you have yet to prove your point, whatever that may be.

SniperControl1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )


I have been working in the IT industry for over 20 years, I will tell you right now, that no country in the world has the infrastructure in place to do what MS are stating they can do with the X1, nor will there be an capable infrastructure for another 10 years or so.
What you also fail to comprehend is that the PS4 has 50 - 60% more graphics power than the X1, by your logic, the cloud will boost the x1's graphics output to greatly surpass that of the PS4's?
You are even posting links to articles (in other news items) that say only basic calculations such as AI can be done serverside due to bandwidth issues. Your are posting links to Hyper VM articles that have nothing to do with increasing graphics power, Hyper VM is a virtual client tasked with running programmes in a detached enviroment from the main OS.
You just dont understand the tech involved in this, you take the word of a MS PR rep as gospal. I heard the one that the X1 can be up 3 times more powerful with the cloud, that would put it level par with Nvidia's new £1000 card Titan card. Lol I dont think so.

C-Thunder1517d ago

Bullet points aside, why do you really like the One so much?

I see people throw around specs and numbers of exclusives.... But they always sound more like justification of a certain choice instead of "this is why I like this product"

For example, I bought a PS3 first last gen because I really liked the Ratchet games and based on the previous gen they had gained my trust to provide a large variety of quality games. So, I'm picking up a PS4 because I still feel like I can trust them to provide a bunch of quality games, throw in all the cool freebies they toss around with PS+ and its a no brainier to me.

I'm not going to knock the One, but I'm interested in your preference based solely on the One without making PS4 comparisons.

reko1517d ago

listen to georgeenoob because he
works for MS.. LOL

HammadTheBeast1517d ago


Sorry on a tablet and auto correct is OP.

karl1517d ago

i cant take this guys seriously..

maybe he was just trying to be funny

grimmweisse1517d ago

Please show me evidence regarding this powerful cloud?.......thought so!
I will be waiting eagerly!

2pacalypsenow1517d ago

Price + Games (from Sony 1st party studios that rape anything Xbox studios makes) + Hardware + PS+Ps4 Cloud (since you brought up "the Cloud")

first1NFANTRY1517d ago

your delusion is unfathomable. you need to get banned for the sake of gamers.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1517d ago

georgeenoob.... wow MASSIVE FACEPALM

BallsEye1517d ago


"PS+ so far demolishes XBL gold from what we know of next Gen. "

errn WHat??

Yes please go on and explain how exactly psn+ demolishes xbox live next gen.

Elem1871517d ago

The xBone is 50% slower and $100 more expensive. Gamers would be nuts to purchase the M$ console over the ps4

Elem1871517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

The whole power of the cloud propaganda is starting to sound alot like the "cell" processor of last gen or how about "8gb of DDR5(sic) OMFG.... wait what is DDR5(sic) I just know it sounds totally cool. "

SpinalRemains1381516d ago

Oh right the cloud.

I forgot. It has electrolytes.

nunley331516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Its interesting to see xbox fans do a 180 on the game installs situation now that they have to deal with mandatory installs with xb1. Many xbox fans would harp on the ps3 for its sometimes partial installs and now they're getting full mandatory ones, alot worse but somehow good now since its for xbox lol.

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wastedcells1517d ago

More game reveals at gamescon and TGS!

Themba761517d ago

like kaz sitting there laughing at M$.

GameBanger1517d ago

PS4 dominance?!
It has less games right now
Its online structure isn't as established as LIVE
Oh it's $100 cheaper since it doesn't have a Kinect like feature...Yay! (not)

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BullyMangler1517d ago

5 ways it doesn't matter.

Relientk771517d ago

Keep bringing us a good variety of games and exclusives

gamertk4211517d ago

Too late. Just left GameStop and all they were talking about was XB1.