GameStop Continues Run After Microsoft Capitulates On Used Games

Microsoft is backtracking on its stance on used video games after the company had earlier hinted that it would allow game publishers like Electronic Arts and Activision Blizzard decide whether they would charge fees for reactivation of a used game on an Xbox One console. However, following Sony’s announcement that the Playstation 4 would allow used games, Microsoft has stated that the Xbox One will also allow the same.

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kennyg37391971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

The console war is just starting to heat up, I hope both console do well this next gen. It's a good time be a gamer...

6DEAD6END61971d ago

The console wars is worse then a episode of Game of Thrones, nothing but blood and death lol.

XB1_PS41971d ago

@KOMP That's so damn true it's ridiculous. Bubble.

SonyPS41971d ago

The 7th gen console war is nothing but mindless bickering over which exclusive shooter is better, but this gen's console war will actually mean something interesting.

YNWA961971d ago

@ Komp, that was over 213 terraflops!

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quenomamen1971d ago

Well it was almost crappy to be a gamer... For a minute there.

FamilyGuy1971d ago

lol true, I was ready for a new system launch last year.

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SonyPS41971d ago

Competition is healthy for business, and we benefit from that. I don't want the XOne to fail, even though I am not planning on buying it. I want the Wii U, but Nintendo needs to step their competitive game up. They're stuck with the underpowered hardware they released, but they can drop the price and release really fun games with excellent gameplay to make this hardware more desirable to own.

Syntax-Error1971d ago

Why are we still talking about this?

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blackstrr4111971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Oliver Queen infiltrates don matticks office and says. "YOU HAVE FAILED THIS CITY". Well I personally would want to buy x1 only if my country's internet is gonna allow me. I think only americans will fully enjoy x1. Sucks

True_Samurai1971d ago

Your country won't allow you to do a one day patch to get rid of the drm which only takes a few kilo or megabytes for the x1?

blackstrr4111971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Well if I can get 3mbps data, ofcourse. But my average is about 1.5ish mbps. I'm still gonna wait till next year. Like summer before I get it. To see from user reviews and stuff. Besides we still have mgsv gtav loS2 and murdered souls to look forward to so I'm cool

Foxgod1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Any connection will do, you just have to be connected once, then you can play offline all you want.

1.5 mbits is more then enough.
You can even tether it with your phones internet.

XboxDone1971d ago

Doesn't matter needs internet

waljaber1970d ago

u never traveled outside the U.S.!!!

True_Samurai1970d ago

@waljaber been to France, China, and Japan why? Plus he didn't state his country

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Foxgod1971d ago

Actually, most of the west got internet that is on par or better then that in the USA.
Here in the Netherlands, the coverage is actually better then in the USA.

But if its not possible to use the XB1 in your country, then it wont be for sale there either.
So if you see it in your local shops, you have nothing to worry, just hook it up to the web once, and you can play offline all you want.

GameSpawn1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Actually the internet is not that great in the US. It is one of the biggest misconceptions. Only the heavily populated metropolitan areas have the fastest internet speeds available. As you move away from those "hubs" speed and availability drop dramatically. There are rural areas that the only option you have is satellite or cellular which are barely better than dial-up and VASTLY more expensive, especially in the satellite case.

Have fun, here is an interactive map of the US internet speeds:

Drag the left slider (min speed) over to fiber optic speeds and watch the blue disappear very quickly.

The US infrastructure is too big to keep up with smaller countries like Korea and Japan which can update very quickly and cheaply as new technologies come to light. Hell the country is so damned big and spread out we can barely keep structurally sound bridges. Yes this is a MAJOR issue in the US.

1 in 9 !

buynit1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )


Nice link.. Im glad my area is covered quite well in ct, im shocked at the west coast though.. looks like its migrating slowly to that area.

Angeljuice1971d ago

Wow Foxgod, had you down as a 'Yank' from some of your posts! (No offense to anyone intended).

Rimfro1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

In Socal I get 75mbps download and between 15-20mbps upload. It really just depends on what companies offer service and who owns the infrastructure for the particular type of Internet it is. In San Diego, AT&T owns the infrastructure for fiber optic, and they won't lease their network to another company, so you are stuck with their slower speeds. But the cable is really fast. In parts of LA, Verizon has their own fiber infrastructure, so if you are in the right area, you can access speeds of 100mbps. Yet their cable speeds don't seem as fast as they are in San Diego.

It can vary from one neighborhood to the next. That's why I've been hoping for the FCC to continue pushing for the large scale over-the-air wifi, if only to create some kind of national standard for Internet speed. When I thought that I would be moving to the south, I was dreading paying more for cable Internet, while only getting about half the speeds. At least in the specific area in which I was to relocate.

Zhipp1970d ago

Yeah, it's annoying that in rural areas here in Texas we have to spend more for 1 megabit than citydwellers(in the same state) spend for 1Megabyte per second, but there it is.

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SpinalRemains1381971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Lockhart ^

The button clearly says Disagree, not Dislike.

For someone who is so upset about those not reading the facts, you cannot even decipher what the button says.

If I press the disagree button, it means that I disagree with whatever you are saying, OR the merit of whatever is being discussed. It is not exclusive to mean you are wrong. What you are saying may be a fact, but I may disagree with it with the reasoning behind your statement.

Facts are facts, but it does not equate to everyone agreeing with them. The sky is blue, but I may prefer the color red. So if you say you can turn Kinect off, I disagree because it shouldn't be an issue to begin with. I disagree with your assertion that turning Kinect off solves any problem.

It is still listening, and Microsoft is known to give data to the NSA. Have you not been paying attention the last 3 weeks to the PRISM news?

It makes a lot of people uncomfortable for very good reason, and the fact that you are even discussing it is proof.

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andibandit1971d ago

In my book gamestop=less profit for developers

refocusedman1971d ago

Gamestop not only rips off the developers but they also rip off consumers. They give gamers next to nothing for trade ins. A brand new opened game is sold for 55 dollars but they purchase that same game from consumers for 20 to 25 dollars.

devwan1971d ago

Do you know how much of that $55 they get to keep for themselves?

refocusedman1971d ago

Im not exactly sure but, I would assume all of it. Its like if you bought a game and decided to sell it all of the money that you sold it for is yours. Not to mention I believe they only give you store credit. So in essence you sell them a game, they sell it for more than double the price that they sold it to you for and they pay you in store credit in order to purchase more products from their store.

elmaton981971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Well is just how that kind of business work. You go to a spawn shop and they might give you more or sale it through ebay. You got more options than just gamestop.

DarkBlade46581971d ago

I definitely agree for the most part, GameStop can certainly rob you dry if you don't use their specials. For example, with trade ins, I was able to get enough trade in credit to purchase both next-gen consoles, and that's without trading in the systems. It's easy to hate on The Man, but I'm just trying to play devil's advocate, and let people know that if you're smart about your trade ins, you'll actually get a lot more.

Supermax1971d ago

GameStop makes 100 percent profit on a used game sale,same goes for used consoles.gamestop makes 10 percent profit on every new console and new games.

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