The Good, The Bad and The DLC DLC has become a huge part of the gaming industry, and isn’t likely to be going away any time soon. After writing the new of the pre-announced DLC for The Bureau it got me thinking about the rationale behind DLC, if it’s good, bad or both and just how important it is for the industry itself.

I can see the rationale behind it from a publisher/developers point of view. It’s the same thought process that lead to Microsoft’s catastrophic DRM policy.

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SegaGamer1938d ago

I can't stand DLC, i think it's just a rip off to make us pay for things that should be on the disc. With Blu-ray taking over next gen they can't use the "not everything can fit on the disc" excuse anymore.

In my opinion they use DLC the wrong way, it should be used to keep a game fresh with new things. Not just take things out of games then release them separately a couple months later.