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Head2Head: The Next Generation (Xbox One Vs PlayStation 4)

Lens of Truth writes "The biggest news at E3, hands down, was the next generation of consoles. It was hard to escape the hubub to find anyone talking about anything other than the PS4 and the Xbox One. But it’s understandable; we only really get new tech like this one a decade." (PS4, Xbox One)

RudeSole Devil  +   672d ago
Yea Xbox one is the better system for software and online forsure. But ps4 is the power house for graphics and exclusives. UNIT
edonus  +   672d ago
How can Ps4 be a powerhouse when it doesnt even have more power? Sony has shown nothing to justify giving it a pass on being the a stronger system.
As for exclusive MS has the biggest ones and have the resources to make bigger and better ones.

Edit at below:
That has not been confirmed thats why they didnt even do the power comparison in the article. The only thing that has been confirmed is the sony is using gddr5ram and has a modified gpu. The comparisons that factor in that the ONE has eSram states that the advantage of the gddr5 and modified gpu is all but erased.
There are even more factors that need to be explored like how much power the cloud gives the system right now and over all design. 40% more power is a fanboy pipe dream that sony supporters cling that why you think its real.
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RudeSole Devil  +   672d ago
It's been confirmed that the ps4 hardware is 40% more powerful where have u Been?
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FrightfulActions  +   672d ago
I hate to copy/paste stuff but facts are facts.

"1.84tflops is vastly superior to 1.23tflops (about 50%)

7GB GDDR5 RAM dedicated to games is vastly, VASTLY superior to 5GB DDR3 RAM dedicated to games."

I'd agree that nothing shown yet has really been phenomenally better than the other console's offers. But thats only because the consoles aren't even out yet. Wait a year when the consoles are out there and the differences will begin to show up, especially as games become more and more graphic intense and dependent on memory.

The PS4's superior hardware will give it an edge in the long run. If you cannot see the benefit of literally having superior technology and more memory for games to play with then I don't know what to say.

To say it doesn't have more power when it actually, factually and technically speaking DOES is either ill-informed or just blind fanboyism. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say you just didn't know.

Because the thought of someone still being so fanboyishly attached to Microsoft that they'd ignore facts is kinda disturbing. Why anyone wants to be so blindingly loyal to ANY company is beyond me.

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Panthers  +   672d ago
Not to mention the online is something we are unsure of as of now, and PS4 is going to have the exclusives, no need to worry there.

But as far as TV features go, XB1 has got it in the bag.

(Please dont talk about The Cloud, that is a PR joke)
MusicComposer  +   672d ago
Anandtech did a great hardware comparison which you can see here: http://www.anandtech.com/sh...

The Xbox One has 768 GPU cores and the PS4 has 1152 GPU cores. It's 1.23TFLOPS against 1.84TFLOPS, a difference of 610GFLOPS... which is the equivalent of 2 1/2 times the Xbox 360's GPU.

I'll throw in some more tech facts, the Xbox 360's GPU was 240GFLOPS and the PS3's was 228GFLOPS. That isn't even taking the faster memory into account. There's a much bigger power gap this generation than the previous one. Hence why you're hearing all the "cloud" crap to mystify the power between them.
HammadTheBeast  +   671d ago
Kepp sticking your head in the Clouds. Maybe some day it will do more than dedicated servers and putting your avatar on AI.

MS Denial tears. Always taste best when fresh.

Freshly squeezed from The Last of Us.
CryofSilence  +   671d ago

This isn't a game, but it is a tech demo in real time. The developer confirmed it was developed only with 4 GB of the RAM (8 GB hadn't been announced yet). If you are inclined to say that it is merely a tech demo, may I remind you that Beyond: Two Souls looks much more impressive than the stunning Kara tech demo they released earlier. I expect games on the PS4 will eventually match and possibly exceed this fidelity.



This is also confirmed in engine, and this one is actually a game.
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Imalwaysright  +   671d ago
Resources? Resources don't make good games. Talent is what makes great games and in that department both Sony and Nintendo 1st party devs are vastly superior to MS 1st party devs.
darkslayer208  +   671d ago
Cuzzo63  +   671d ago
My friend you truly are lost...Ok lets try this.

Xb1 showed lots of exclusives. More than Sony. Im not even gonna throw in the nvidia 700's or the better cpu's they used at the show. See how that worked. Hell I hate TitanFall is 1year exclusive...

So unfanboyish I was...

Look. The specs, the policies, hell 95% of the system was leaked. E3 was to comfirm it...
Xb1 is underpowered and that is from most of the developers. Some wish to stay neutral but most comfirmed ps4 has the advantage from the gpu, cpu. Hell even the blu ray is slower... Quit being an azz and jus put the gayishness to the side. But it not about specs. Its the games that matter.
tuglu_pati  +   671d ago

I also hate to copy/paste stuff but facts are facts.

The principle differences are:

•DDR3 runs at a higher voltage that GDDR5 (typically 1.25-1.65V versus ~1V)

•DDR3 uses a 64-bit memory controller per channel ( so, 128-bit bus for dual channel, 256-bit for quad channel), whereas GDDR5 is paired with controllers of a nominal 32-bit (16 bit each for input and output), but whereas the CPU's memory contoller is 64-bit per channel, a GPU can utilise any number of 32-bit I/O's (at the cost of die size) depending upon application ( 2 for 64-bit bus, 4 for 128-bit, 6 for 192-bit, 8 for 256-bit, 12 for 384-bit etc...). The GDDR5 setup also allows for doubling or asymetric memory configurations. Normally (using this generation of cards as example) GDDR5 memory uses 2Gbit memory chips for each 32-bit I/O (I.e for a 256-bit bus/2GB card: 8 x 32-bit I/O each connected by a circuit to a 2Gbit IC = 8 x 2Gbit = 16Gbit = 2GB), but GDDR5 can also operate in what is known as clamshell mode, where the 32-bit I/O instead of being connected to one IC is split between two (one on each side of the PCB) allowing for a doubling up of memory capacity. Mixing the arrangement of 32-bit memory controllers, memory IC density, and memory circuit splitting allows of asymetric configurations ( 192-bit, 2GB VRAM for example)

•Physically, a GDDR5 controller/IC doubles the I/O of DDR3 - With DDR, I/O handles an input (written to memory), or output (read from memory) but not both on the same cycle. GDDR handles input and output on the same cycle.

The memory is also fundamentally set up specifically for the application it uses:

System memory (DDR3) benefits from low latency (tight timings) at the expense of bandwidth, GDDR5's case is the opposite. Timings for GDDR5 would seems unbelieveably slow in relation to DDR3, but the speed of VRAM is blazing fast in comparison with desktop RAM- this has resulted from the relative workloads that a CPU and GPU undertake.

Latency isn't much of an issue with GPU's since their parallel nature allows them to move to other calculation when latency cycles cause a stall in the current workload/thread. A CPU running GDDR5 memory is at a great disadvantage because of the high latency caused by these memory timings.

Also, the performance of a graphics card for instance is greatly affected (as a percentage) by altering the internal bandwidth, yet altering the external bandwidth (the PCI-Express bus, say lowering from x16 to x8 or x4 lanes) has a minimal effect. This is because there is a great deal of I/O (textures for examples) that get swapped in and out of VRAM continuously- the nature of a GPU is many parallel computations, whereas a CPU computes in a basically linear way.

Nobody really seems to be mentioning the fact that even though the PS4 has very high memory bandwidth (176gb/s), the GPU isn't nearly powerful enough to utilize that much bandwidth. My PC's GTX680 has a memory bandwidth not much higher than the PS4 (208.3gb/s). At face value, one would think the PS4's Radeon HD7850 (flops are the same) would only be slightly slower, but the GTX680 wipes the floor with it.

I still think the addition of ESRAM will do big things to bridge the bandwidth gap, while the DDR3's fast timings will give the XBONE more number crunching power than PS4.
MysticStrummer  +   671d ago
Specs say PS4 is the stronger system. Just like always it will be up to devs to show that.

The cloud can be used for certain things, which Sony can do also by the way, but it won't add any power. MS can build as many servers as they can afford, but until the connection between the user and those servers is greatly upgraded, relying on the cloud for remote computation is a fantasy. Even a rock solid 50MB per second connection, more than five times faster than the average connection in the biggest gaming market, can only provide a tiny fraction of the data that the One's internal memory can process, and PS4's memory is quite a bit faster than One's.

As for exclusives, which system has the "bigger and better ones" is subjective. I've watched the E3 coverage for both systems, because it is true that most games will be on both, and my honest opinion is that Sony won the software battle as well as the hardware battle.
Skips  +   671d ago
"40% more power is a fanboy pipe dream that sony supporters cling that why you think its real."

It's 50%.....Oh, and it's real kiddo...



Eurogamer >>>>>>> In denial fanboy. XD

If there's anything that's a fanboy's pipe dream, it's that "Power of the cloud" garbage that you keep spouting...

Like I said...

Eurogamer >>>>>>> In denial fanboy....
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punisher99  +   671d ago
"40% more power is a fanboy pipe dream that sony supporters cling that why you think its real. "

Kinda like how you xbox fanboys believe in microsoft's 300k server pipe dream. The problem is those servers are not dedicated servers, they are virtual servers. Honestly I dont have to go into hardware comparison, they guys that responded to you did a pretty good job. The PS4 is just simply the better hardware, period. There is really no debating that especially when every developer is saying the same.
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Mikeyy  +   671d ago

You seriously believe SONY would spend all that extra money buying up GDDR5 just for it to perform worse then DDR3.

You honestly believe that load of crap you are trying to spin?

The cloud is the fanboy dream if anything. Sony makes a box and bases their computational power on RAW numbers, Microsoft throws out zero numbers and uses PR words like 5x the power with the cloud.
Merrill  +   672d ago
Neither system has been released, so please don't make such statements. You have no idea what you're talking about.
RudeSole Devil  +   672d ago
What are you talking about, the systems are final and in production, the specs released at E3 our official as it gets. The dev kits are out developers have been using those spec. PS4 is more powerful plan and simple end of story.
Merrill  +   671d ago
Yes I know the PS4 is more powerful.

But you stating the Xbone 180 will be better for software and online is ridiculous. At least wait for them both to be released and actually running on the actual system.
THamm  +   671d ago
MS needs to remove Kinect to be able to think of competing. Disagree all you want, people will not pay $100 extra for it and casual gamers will not care for any technical positives. If anything people will wait 1-2 years to even consider based on the line up, and if it even goes that far
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Popoffboy187718  +   672d ago
Better system in no way. Name one must buy 4 that brand.
RudeSole Devil  +   672d ago
Infamous second son, killzone, god of war, last of us 2, uncharted 4, ratchet an clank and the list goes on.
Benchm4rk  +   671d ago
Please dont use games that havnt even been announced as comparison for first party titles.
HammadTheBeast  +   672d ago
You're right there's no one must buy.....

Popoffboy187718  +   672d ago
I know Sony got the goodz lol ! I'm sayin name a blockbuster 4 Microsoft and one that's good not talkin sales. Don't trust Microsoft haven't had a gd new Ip since gears one i love some 360 back then. This not the same heads behind the Xbox brand. Xbox had some good momentum then people left things change
RudeSole Devil  +   672d ago
Lol my bad, to many awesome exclusives for Sony. But iI will be getting Halo and the new gears for sure.
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TheCrazyMerc  +   672d ago
To be honest, I don't really like the Xbox One's exclusives, all I saw was straight up shooters didn't really give it a glance. I'm looking for more of a diverse console that can cater to every single genre, and thats why I'm going PS4.
A-laughing-horse  +   671d ago
Like killzone?

Ryse wasn't a fps. Don't be a hater.
Godmars290  +   671d ago
No, Ryse isn't a FPS. Its a quicktime game which plays its own quicktime events. Currently it does anyway.

I'm still looking at the WiiU for the Monolith game. A price drop at this point.

Besides Second Son and Crimson Dragon, nothing on either side of the current console whine-fest has my attention, though honestly, there's far less appeal in bothering with an XB1 game which use to be and likely still is on XBLA.

And then there's the system's other baggage.
Deividas  +   671d ago
I dont know if you watched any interviews on how people felt on playing Ryse...they were not a fan...it was beyond basic combat and all quicktime. Looks gorgeous but boring.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   671d ago
Ryse looked horrible. It's like they tried to make Heavy Rain into an action game and it turned out horribly wrong. Sorry but a man thought it looked like a bad tech demo. Also Knack, Infamous, Killzone, and the Order (though that's just a trailer but a man likes the concept) look awesome with more coming at Gamescom.
thedon8982z  +   671d ago
This article while having some good points was completely flawed in others.... I will sit back and let the N4G COMMUNITY BE THE JUDGE ON THIS ONE!!!!!!!
PositiveEmotions  +   671d ago
Imo the PS4 has the lead as of now
NatureOfLogic  +   671d ago
As someone who has never owned an Xbox, I've gave MS many chances to convince me. I just don't see the value of owning an Xbox as long as Playstation and Nintendo is around. Halo and Gears just don't do it for me. MS needs some new snd refreshing exclusive IPs. Their most interesting new game is just another FPS.
A-laughing-horse  +   671d ago
Missing out on some good games man. Also, a superior online experience.
NatureOfLogic  +   671d ago
Not really big on the whole online thing, plus if I want online, I'll turn to my pc which is clearly superior in that area. I'm one of the few that still buy the consoles for the games and rarely touch online multiplayer, so superior online is not really a selling point for me, as I prefer offline singleplayer experience to online. I'm only interested in one online game at the moment, FFXIV ARR, which is currently not available on Xbox consoles. Xbox online might be superior to Playstation, but that's enough for me to justify my purchase of an Xbox because I already have a gaming PC. I need great games, not great online.
FrightfulActions  +   671d ago

Plus, since you already have a gaming PC you're pretty much covered for any Xbox game you might want to play. Many of the games that Xbox likes to boast as being 'exclusive' to the Xbox are on also released on PC.

Playstation exclusives on the other hand are truly exclusive to the the Playstation. A combination of PC and PS4 promises to make a very nice gaming setup, imo.
TheFallenAngel  +   671d ago
Xbox one with the advantage in games?? hahahahaha
Akuma2K  +   671d ago
Yea, i laughed at that too when i read it....lol
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SEAN1617  +   671d ago
I am asking every hard core xbox fan what makes you like a company that almost got away with taking away your rights? I understand that like me a lot of people bond with their opinion of consoles choice, or games. I have both a 360 and PS3 and while I had a ton of fun playing gears of war and Halo, I still cannot justify supporting Microsoft in their endeavor of tying us into one box. I don't think games would be as fun if there was no competition and don't get me wrong when the PS3 came out there really was no justifying its price unless you wanted Blu-ray. Anyway all I am asking is once you xbox fans and get your wish and MS takes over gaming allows zero competition then what? Would you go along with any crazy path they decide to go, DRM, 24hour checks? I mean if Sony did not force their hand this time do you think they would have changed anything? If another company is not there do you think they would change anything?
Popoffboy187718  +   671d ago
Microsoft--I wasn't trying touch your butt lol! U turn backaround and stand inline while I'm behind with no worries!!! Lol
SEAN1617  +   671d ago
I think we really need to stop making each other enemies we all want to have fun playing a game we love, no matter what platform its on. I am just being responsible in the long run, I cannot justify MS at the moment because they really showed their hand, their vision of the future. I love their games Gear of war and Halo multiplayer are my fav, live had a more robust community as far as people talking(even if a lot of it was hateful early on, but now they are playing a game of catch up, and not on features but policies which they should have had enough common sense to do from the beginning. THIS IS MY OPIONION!
KrisButtar  +   671d ago
I'm concerned about getting an XB1 because of all this cloud talk, The reason is because if all these games that come out need the power of the cloud require internet? they say the system can be played offline but they also keep saying the power of the cloud will make it stronger/better. So 2 years down the road are all games on the XB1 require the cloud or even most games be unplayable without the cloud meaning it needs an online connection to play. I find it very conflicting info. to use the cloud you need internet right?
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Skate-AK  +   671d ago
That's a pretty good point. Would they scale the game down or take away features to be played offline, if it runs better would the cloud? I honestly don't think they would.
KrisButtar  +   671d ago
things like titanfall is only possible with the cloud, comments like that, is there going to be any games that doesn't require the cloud in a couple years on the system? I know it would piss a lot of people off who bought one because XB1 didn't require internet but the games do.
punisher99  +   671d ago
What a great point you bring up sir.
personally I think MS lied when they say their console wont require internet connection in an attempt to get back in the good graces of gamers.
KrisButtar  +   671d ago
I've brought this couple a couple times already, and a few answers I got was all the XB1 games would work but if you have Internet you would get the extra features. Also it seems that without the cloud the XB1 would only be good for exclusives, as it would be better to buy the multiplats on the stronger machine.

Edit: Some exclusives wouldn't even work cause they use the power of the cloud, eg TitanFall says it wouldn't be possible without the cloud mean an exclusive that can't be play
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Skate-AK  +   671d ago
"Until we can get the systems under our lens to test the performance differences between the DDR3 and DDR5 set-ups, we’re not going to truly have a champ."

The PS4 RAM is GDDR5. Not DDR5.
RandomDude655  +   671d ago

Also this: "One thing that I’m a bit concerned with for the PS4′s interface is that much of it seems reliant on typing."

Ummmmmm.......ok. I haven't seen much typing, but that's cool too. Guess he's talking about voice commands.
SpinalRemains138  +   671d ago
Lmao hahaha.

Maybe he used that Dragon software to dictate the article.

Yeah. Typing is so archaic that he uses it for his articles. :-D

Ya know, sometimes ppl are so retarded that I'm ashamed of being human. Really.
badboy776  +   671d ago
This guy is a Xbox Fanboy!!!
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PtRoLLFacE  +   671d ago
these articles are pointless to me, since i ll be getting both consoles best of both world for exclusives and pc for 3rd parties

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