The Xbox One and PS4 Generation Isn’t Ready For Digital Distribution's Dave Walsh takes a look at how both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are looking to move past disks and into digital distribution, but how both consoles are launching with 500gb hard drives. Are they really taking a diskless future seriously?

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kennyg37391999d ago

I'm ready for it, I rather go in my living to download the game then go to gamestop and deal with all their bull$H??.

dvewlsh1999d ago

Oh I absolutely agree. Being able to pre-download a game and then play it as soon as it's release date is active is a marvelous thing.

These hard drives are just very, very tiny.

xPhearR3dx1998d ago

Combine this with Steam pricing, and I'd gladly go all digital for next-gen games. Once I started gaming on PC, realized how many games I could get for next to nothing, digital didn't bother me so much anymore. Especially with be able to pre-load. No waiting in line, no hassle, no travel, just click play and you're good to go.

GamerzElite1998d ago

Don't know abt XBone but PS4 is ready. as I am a plus subscriber and download so may digital, also buy a lot of game from Day 1 Digital. My all friends also use PS Day 1 Digital.

SatanSki1998d ago

If i can eventually buy any game for like $15 im all for it.

BuffMordecai1998d ago

I think we are ready to embrace digital, just not at the expense of physical media. At the moment, I prefer physical on console, but on handheld, digital is my go to. Its just so much more convenient to have all your games on your handheld rather than fumbling through a bunch cards.

KillrateOmega1998d ago

Ideally, I would choose digital over physical, but as we know, the world is far from ideal.

ThyPizzaGod1998d ago

Just slowly put in digital gaming, but keep the physical media relevant. The world isnt ready for always online/digital, its still just too inconsistent.

Nyromith1998d ago

I prefer physical and I hope it's here to stay. I honestly don't think manufacturing and shipping costs are higher than 5$ (at commercial quantity), and I'll gladly pay a little more for the freedom and value for money that physical media gives.

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The story is too old to be commented.