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PS4 vs Xbox One: Which is a better value?

Gimme Gimme Games debates whether the PS4 or Xbox One is a better value over the other. (PS4, Xbox One)

-Mika-  +   883d ago
I would say Xbox one just because of the Kinect camera. Voice recognition,Advance HD camera and body tracking. Im really impressed by this thing and I can't wait to get my hands on it. It gives the Xbox one a true next gen feel. Just walking into my room and telling the kinect to turn on the xbox and start netflix is really awesome.
BadboyCivic  +   883d ago
Are you kid'n me?

Do you know that the PS4 can do everything the Xbox one can at a fraction of the price.

And let's not talk about graphical power or exclusives....
WarThunder  +   883d ago
Easily PS4!
DonFreezer   883d ago | Trolling | show
Why o why  +   883d ago
Don, don, don, lets not ignore each companies way of doing things. Sony are still pumping out titles for the ps3....it wouldn't be silly to imagine they'll also do the same for their newer console. If when ms said they had 15 exclusives for e3 was good enough for you, sony saying they will have 30 at gdc should also suffice. You're almost implying they sony showed zero games. Maybe they should of showed more but again, their current actions ease any anxieties in that department for me personally.
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moparful99  +   883d ago

Killzone:Shadow Fall
The Order 1886
Infamous: Second Son
Drive Club
Deep Down
ltachiUchiha  +   883d ago

I been asking that for a long time with my 360. Where are they? You do remember the 360 & ps3 still exist. Oh ok ill give u state of decay but thats about it. Because u act like your playing those xbone games now lol.
EasilyTheBest  +   883d ago

Do you know that the PS4 can do everything the Xbox one can at a fraction of the price.

I'm sorry but it can't. The X1 has a mandatory camera so there's a ton of stuff right there that the PS4 can't do.
Plus the X1 has HDMI in, there's a ton of stuff there that the PS4 can't do.

Its better to word it the other way around as there's nothing the PS4 can do that the X1 can't.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   883d ago
PS4 has barely any announced exclusives in comparison to MS. Ah fanboyism at its best right here.

It's his/her opinion.
rmedtx  +   883d ago
lol. Do the math.
wastedcells  +   883d ago
I'd say PS4 due to price, system specs, indie games, exclusive games, 3rd party games will look better, free to play and ps plus. Plus of course region free and no DRM. Also without ps plus you can still use PSN features like cross game chat, play free to play games and use apps like Netflix.
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BuffMordecai  +   883d ago
This is a no-brainer, the console that is more powerful and $100 bucks cheaper.
KillrateOmega  +   883d ago
PS4 vs Xbox One: Which is a better value?
Um, the console that is more powerful and less expensive?
DonFreezer  +   883d ago
Then why did you bought the ps2.
LarVanian  +   883d ago
I bought the PS2 because it was the successor to the awesome PS1 and because I knew it would have an unreal amount of amazing games, not to mention the fact it was very cheap and it came out almost a good two years before Gamecube and Xbox.
I'm going to buy the PS4 because it is the successor to the PS1, PS2 and PS3. It will have a consistent number of great exclusives from developers who brought us games such as The Last of Us, Uncharted, God of War, Shadow of the Colossus, Gran Turismo, inFamous, Killzone and Little Big Planet. Is that reason enough for you?
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pr0t0typeknuckles  +   883d ago
to me it depends on your preference,do you like social media,dude bro shooters, and timed exclusives get xbox one,if you like great exclusives with new or existing ips that truly play like no other games get PS4 or a wii U even.
XtreemGamer  +   883d ago
PS4 of course... cheaper yet more powerful. Its a no brainer,really.
Bathyj  +   883d ago
is that even a serious question?
greedybear88  +   883d ago
PS4 is better value: cheaper, more powerful hardware.
No_Limit  +   883d ago
Value is in the eye of the beholder. PS4 is cheaper and by default that might consider a better value but the One also come pack in with the Kinect. Even if is hated by a lot of people, does add value to the overall console. Also, for me and many others, games are the real value here and I feel like the Xbox 1 have better compelling software in the first year; thus, I am getting that system first and will buy the PS4 sometime next year.
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Bennibop  +   883d ago
Sony has more exclusive in the first year for PS4 than Microsoft have for X1. Microsoft have showed everything they have, Sony are going to show more at Gamescom and TGS. We have still got titles to be shown by MM, Studio Japan, Santa Monica and Naughty Dog (creators of the best game this gen.) Sony have been clever enough not to blow their load in one go!
No_Limit  +   883d ago
K...but have you seen Titanfall? /S
Why o why  +   883d ago
Lol@ no limit..well played;)
Lunarassassin  +   883d ago

I'm sorry but a single decent game for only microsoft is nothing. Especially considering microsoft only have the licensing for 1 year. Do you know what that means? It means the developers can create PS4/3 versions and ship them after 1 year. This is highly likely considering one of the devs has already said "we want to see our game on all platforms."
AKS  +   883d ago

He joking. Sarcasm.
AKS  +   883d ago
He's joking. Horrendous typo on my part. Apologies.
Lunarassassin  +   883d ago
Sorry, still have no real way of telling the difference between sarcastic comments and non sarcastic comments.
AKS  +   882d ago

If someone writes "/S", that person is joking around.
Sanquine90  +   883d ago
Im more a PS4 guy but i also preordered the Xbox One:)

OFF topic:
A friend of mine is really into the xbox one:) Im looking forward to shout : XBOX OFF when he is playing call of duty ghosts:D
Lazarus69  +   883d ago
Well for me personally it's the PS4 as it's cheaper and i prefer the games that coming out for it
MasterCornholio  +   883d ago
I believe that the PS4 offers better value than the XBOX One.
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josephayal  +   883d ago
This is pretty simple, The Wii U is great value compared to PS4/ONE, but the Ps4 has so much more to offer
Monkeysmoke  +   883d ago
*PS4 is More powerful than the XBOX 1

*PS4 currently has more games and launch titles than XBOX 1

*PS4 controllers doesn't require additional AA battery
cost or Lion Battery cost

*PS+ is not required for F2p games and Apps (Netflix, Facebook, Browser).

*PS4 doesn't require Mandatory install for all games

*PS4 has a solution for Backward Compatibility for not only PS3 but also PS2 and PS1 too through Gakai cloud.

With all these advantage its still $100 cheaper!!!!
True_Samurai  +   883d ago
*Xbox One has the cloud which will vastly improve online mode and multiplayer
*Xbox One has better exclusive line ups. Them more games you speak of are mostly indie titles. Though that's good also
*I agree on this but due to MS new controller batteries will last longer
*Paywall behind multiplayer. Saying it's cheaper is invalid when mostly ppl buy 1 year gold for $40.
*Seeing DRM is no longer the case please show me link where it still has to install. Even if it does it will do it in the background as you play.
*1080p kinect (that doesn't watch you)
*Gaikai- Microsoft could easily do this with Azure. But no word on it at the moment.
*Snap Mode, Twitch etc.
*Same nearly perfect controller(in my preference)
*HDMI In (TV and Current gen console) their own on way of backwards compatibility
*$500 is not steep at all. When people want something bad they will go to lengths to get it.
that's my reason. It doesn't apply to everyone else. It that's my reason
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MadManKiller   883d ago | Spam
Monkeysmoke  +   883d ago
Sony is wise not have built the PS4 to require a mandatory Camera system just a MS did with the Xbox 1.

Just reason this :
Mr. A got an Xbox 1. He later got broke and was on a budget. Someday while he was playing a game something happened his Kinect fell off and got damaged. What does this mean? His console becomes inactive, screwed and useless, NO gaming for poor Mr. A until he finds a way to get $100-$150 for another Kinect before he can access his $500 console. SAD!!

If it was PS4 in same Case scenario :
Mr. A got PS4 and also bought PS eye $60. He latter got broke and was on a budget. While he was Playing a game someday something happened his PS Eye fell off and got damaged. What will he do? PS4 doesn't require Eye camera to function so Mr. A still has access to his $400 console and he will continue enjoying his game until he has $60 for another PS Eye. Happy!!!

*The PS Eye is a very advance CAM on its own it has Voice and Facial Recognition function and can also do full body motion and also has other uses like Snapping 3D pics and Recording 3D videos to the Ps4 HDD.
But yet Sony still sell the Camera as an option instead of shoving it down the consumers throat like MS is doing with the Xbox 1.

Related video
Melankolis  +   883d ago
I'd still buy PS4 even if Xbox1 costs the same as PS4 with Kinect in it.

I'm a gamer, not some gadget enthusiast, so my value is in the exclusive games. Sony's exclusives games are better suited to me than Xbox1's. Combination of Naughty Dog, Quantic Dream, Santa Monica easily beat Halo, Titanfall, Forza, and the others...
urwifeminder  +   883d ago
Xbox one is better value to me as I enjoy the games could never get into sony at all.
etownone  +   883d ago
Value wise....

I'd say they are about even.

Ps4 may be slightly more powerful, but Xbone comes with Kinect 2.

To each their own. I'll be getting Xbox One and looking forward to playing Forza 5, Ryse, Titanfall and KI.... Day One.
tubers  +   883d ago
I'm really interested to experience the X1+Kinect.

But I'm a bit irked with the NSA spying and stuff (I will be going OL if I used the X1).

Too bad I'm old school, I unplug the machine/turn off the powerstrip.. so no voice commands to turn it on xD

I'm already happy with the PS ecosystem (PS+ and PS3 and PSV).. I'm sure others might feel the same way w/ their 360 and XBLive.. to get more than my planned PS4, PSV and PC support, I'd feel somewhat "irresponsible".

If only I was really rich, I wouldn't be bothered by a decision of owning all consoles :D
BeamMr  +   878d ago
PS4 all the way! Gamers don't use kinect so why not make it an option for consumers. Oh I forgot, it's a mandatory feature, boohoo.

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