Neverwinter Review Part 1: Quests, Combat, and Storytelling [Gaming Union] "It can be argued that of the numerous Dungeons and Dragons settings that exist, Forgotten Realms is perhaps ironically the best known. Though tabletop fans would no doubt remind us all that the module has been around since the late eighties, it was thanks to titles like Baldur's Gate that the setting was jettisoned into the PC gaming spotlight, creating an RPG legacy that would set the bar for immersive storytelling and memorable character design. Outside of the gaming world, characters like Drizzt Do'Urden and Elminster have captured the imaginations of avid readers for decades, famous adventurers in a world setting filled with grand danger and excitement enough to warrant all manner of spinoff and side story. So when it comes to spinning a story that will fit in such a well defined legacy Cryptic's Neverwinter certainly has its work cut out for it."

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