Editorial: Why I think Sony won E3

SonyRumors Sarah Ingram writes about her thoughts on E3 2013, one week after the event and why she believes Sony won E3. In her editorial, Sarah reveals that "This isn’t about cost, or exclusive titles, or the size of the box. For me, Sony won because they were listening to us and what we wanted all along, and for that they deserve my support."

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BullyMangler1972d ago

E3 is a competition expo too? ah

WolfOfDarkness1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Yes indeed sony won E3 , but We cants see the real winner by this year or next year , I will give it full 3 years and we will see which console sells more , the Truth is this " Microsoft and Sony will win " making a lot of money .... We have to pay a lot of money too to play video games ...

Who is the real winner here ?

Huh ...

miyamoto1971d ago

PS4 winning over women is wonderful!