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Over 70 Games are Hitting the Wii U from now till Early Next Year

Check out this massive 16 minute video of the upcoming Wii U games to hit the eShop and retail.

While the Wii U is lacking major third-party support. Indie developers are supporting this console in full force.

Here is the full list of games from the video: (Indie, Nintendo, Wii U)

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DivineAssault  +   799d ago
Hopefully theres some great exclusives incoming other than whats been announced.. Bayo 2 & X are all im interested in.. The mario kart, smash bros, & mario 3d world will be mine at some point but im in no rush to buy them after seeing them in action.. Seems as if i have no use for the gamepad cuz i would much rather play all these games without it.. Why did nintendo push for this dual screen gaming if they arent doing much with it? Playing off the TV is ok n all but i dont share my 55in with anyone so i dont need to do it.. I would much rather see these games on my LED than the gamepad..
exfatal  +   799d ago
then use the Pro controller?.. dont see the problem here. off screen is there if u want it not forcing u to use it. i do agree that nintendo needs to use there gamepad though for more one of a kind gameplay.
Xof  +   798d ago
I haven't played my WiiU that much (just got it yesterday) but from what little I've seen, I really don't care for most of the different "varieties" of gameplay it offers.

In terms of supplementary gameplay potential, I think it is best utilized in much the same way as the secondary screen on the DS/3DS--that is "passive" gameplay, like menus, maps, etc.

In either case, I think the player should always be spending most of his or her time looking at one screen.
DivineAssault  +   798d ago
The problem is that i bought the wii u thinking that games nintendo makes will have great features on the gamepad they packed into the box.. I spent an extra $50 on a pro controller just so i can play games comfortably? It shouldve been packed in if they werent going to do much with the gamepad
Theyellowflash30  +   797d ago

You don't have a Wii U
Neonridr  +   798d ago
agree with you exfatal. I am married with an 11 month old son. Having the off screen play is a huge bonus for me because it allows the wife to have the TV and I can still be playing my games.

I agree it's not a feature for everyone, but I get really good range on my gamepad, so the fact that I can take it down one floor below me and go lie down on my bed if I want is a wicked plus.
exfatal  +   799d ago
Seeing this games lined up really shows off the diversity in the games coming out this and next year. Looking forward to picking some of these up. especially the indies shovel knight and mutant eternal darkness look like great fun. and of course i'll be getting most if not all of nintendo's games. Bayoneeta and 101 also on the list.
bullymangLer  +   799d ago
1. Road Rash 2

2. Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

3. Monolith -X-

4. The Viewtiful 101

5. Bayonetta 2- pervy edition

6. Wind Waker H.D. 1080p

7. Eternal Darkness 2

8. Yoshi's witchCraft yarn

9. Smash bros 4

10. Mario Kart 8

11. Pikmin 3

and is only the beginning? dayumM
Starbucks_Fan  +   799d ago
Don't forget the new 3D Mario game :D
CaulkSlap  +   799d ago
7. Eternal Darkness 2

Shadow of the Eternals? I hope that actually gets made. Looks a long ways off.
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AJBACK2FRAG  +   798d ago
Road Rash 2?
bullymangLer  +   796d ago
quantae06  +   798d ago
Fire Emblem x Shin Megami
Xof  +   798d ago
Several of those games are "TBA 2014." I, for one, wouldn't expect to see Monolith's RPG until Q4 2014 at the earliest.

But, yeah: the WiiU is finally starting, only 8 months into it's first year--which, while 2 months slower than the 3DS, is still 16 months faster than the PS3.


Also: the list on the site seems to be bogus. I got excited when I saw the Yakuza collection, so I ran to find a release date... only to find that it, apparently, has not been announced for an overseas release.
nzbleach  +   799d ago
Just bought a wii u and i better crack open it and start playing.
TongkatAli  +   799d ago
Wii U is getting plenty of support this year.
jairusmonillas  +   799d ago
Those list are full of rehashed, old ports, and children games..
exfatal  +   799d ago
sounds like you didn't watch the video. either that or you are blind
mydyingparadiselost  +   799d ago
Bayonetta, X, Road Redemption, Shadow of the Eternal (if it does get made) 90's Arcade racer, AVGN game and numerous others are not ports (some are even exclusive) or rehashes or childrens games. Sounds like someone's pissed they didn't get a U...
Kevlar009  +   799d ago
"Batman disgrees" *descends from above*
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The_Truth_24_7  +   799d ago
Exactly. These drones getting all excited over nothing.
Prime_28  +   798d ago
Why because it's not shooter no.46279? Please, only 12 year olds get excited over those games.
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Kos-Mos  +   799d ago
Heres a fact for you. These games are children games: cod, gow, gears, halo, unchartered, killzone, me, fifa, gta, skyrim.
bullymangLer  +   799d ago
ha ha haa dont forget GTA . . with the killing of prostitutes, boning prostitutes, bank robberies, guns, drugs, gang banging, the cussing, ha ha haaaa. . things that teenies find awesome during puberty !!
deafdani  +   798d ago
Mmmm. I'm 30 years old (almost 31), I love Nintendo games, I love Mario Kart, Smash, 3D Mario, 2D Mario, Donkey Kong, etc...

...but I also happen to love Uncharted, GTA, God of War, etc. I have a feeling I would love Skyrim too (never played it).

So, tell me: why do you need to reply to absurd generalizations with another absurd generalization? In your effort to make people that like these "mature" games (notice the commas) look like children, you come across as a immature brat yourself.

Why don't you defend the accesability of the so-perceived "kiddy" games without taking a shit in other genres and styles of play? Or you can't think of any way to do it?

Ok, here's an easy one: you can talk how Donkey Kong Country Returns, despite having cutesy cartoony graphics, is so absurd in difficulty, it makes grown men cry.

Here's another: you can talk how Super Mario Galaxy's level design is absolutely top-notch, and the gameplay is so tight, and, to date, unparalelled. No other 3D platformer comes close to its level of polish, except Super Mario Galaxy 2, which manages to even blow Galaxy 1 out of the water.

Here's yet another: you can talk how games like Mario Kart, New Mario Bros, Smash and even the Mario Party games remain unchallenged in the local multiplayer department. If you want to have fun with your friends at your house, Nintendo remains the place to go, by a wide margin.

See? I gave you several examples of why us, as Nintendo fans, like Nintendo games so much. And I did so without taking a shit on the competition, which I understand that also offers unique gameplay experiences, and there's several people that happen to like those experiences, just like I happen to like the Nintendo flavor. It's called personal taste.

These answers can actually result in interesting discussions, not childish insults.

Or, better yet... you could just, you know, not feed the troll. Which The_Truth above so clearly is.

But no, you had to take the immature fanboy route, commiting exactly the same sin that you're criticizing others for. It's the easy way out, and it's exactly why you shouldn't take it.
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exfatal  +   798d ago
@deafdani Well said but.. i rather not repeatedly type paragraphs on why nintendo is just for children.. why? cause its obvious and people who say others are normally trolling like the above.. so i wont waste my time. But their are some who are just ignorant and if they came about in a none trolling manner i might be able to have a proper discussion with said people about why their view on nintendo is wrong. Basically pick you're battles..
Shnazzyone  +   799d ago
It's platformer indie game heaven . AVGN game, ballpoint Universe, Road Redemption!, Qube...

Dang, nintendo just snatched up serious indy cred.

Not to mention oddworld AND strangers wrath HD. Hell yeah.
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AJBACK2FRAG  +   798d ago
Doesn't own a Wii U. Children of all ages.
Sincere0121  +   798d ago
Troll Alert!
bullymangLer  +   798d ago
Nintendo will always have the most Adult rated video games .. they have yet to be outcompeted < fools "trying" that (:

anyway, yur confused. end of probLem. check up time for you .. .

and now wiiU owners get to venture deep into the earth, layers and layers and layers deep, in Pikmin 3. wonder what is gonna look like down there, mixed alongside little telletuby plant beings "pikmin" <

Pikmin 3 should be rated >M< because in Pikmin 3 you can attack the monsters strait to their eyeball, happy (looking) monsters, friendly looking monsters < thrown pikmin will cLing to the eyeball of friendly looking beasts, yes some no look so friendly but still. evil pikmin, bad pikmin, = rated M pikmin < fact (: = woW yesS!
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exfatal  +   798d ago
Wow... well that was a whole bunch of stupid
mydyingparadiselost  +   799d ago
Very pretty list.
Trago1337  +   799d ago
Not bad. Once they get the momentum going, the big third party publishers will start bringing those next gen games to the system.
CaulkSlap  +   799d ago
I hope not. Don't want Wii U's garbage specs dragging down the real next gen platforms.

It's just about weak enough that there's no way to get PS4/XBO designed games to work even severely downgraded. Requires separate parallel development. That was the Wii's problem with multiplats. 3rd parties abandoned it because it was significant effort to make essentially a whole different game that generated crap sales.
The_Truth_24_7  +   799d ago
I concur.
Trago1337  +   799d ago
Sorry to say, but publishers like making money, and once an install base is at a point, said publisher would want to tap in to that potential revenue. Why do you think Ubisof is still making games for Wii U? They even said them selves that developing a Wii U port is relatively cheap, so I don't get the idea that making Wii U ports would "drag down" next gen games if games like Battlefield 4 are already looking nice on PS4/X1 despite coming to PS3/360.
CaulkSlap  +   799d ago
It doesn't make any difference when the WiiU is getting PS3/360 ports. It makes a difference when developers start designing games from the ground up to be PS4/XB1 games. 8GB of RAM on a bus speed about 6 times faster in addition to a much more powerful CPU/GPU.

Imagine if they'd made the Wii a baseline for Assassin's Creed or GTA4? Nobody wants a next gen with a baseline defined by Nintendo's outdated tech. And considering the Wii sold like crazy and still failed to be a primary 3rd party platform, I think we're safe.
deafdani  +   799d ago
If you don't want the hardware to hold back videogames, why in the hell are you supporting consoles at all instead of going to PC?

Oh, yeah. Because you are an hypocrite.

The Wii U is, at least, offering something different. Stop taking a shit on it, enjoy the platforms of your choice and let people enjoy theirs.
jcnba28  +   798d ago
Wow what a pathetic fanboy statement to make.
Sincere0121  +   798d ago
LMAO at this comedian! lol is he for real?
CaulkSlap  +   798d ago
I am primarily a PC gamer. I want consoles to be as powerful as possible because they are the baseline for game developers now. With the Wii U being barely a step above 360/PS3, it will do nothing but hold game design back. It will have some unique titles using the Gamepad and may be an alright system on its own. But the big budget multiplats need to completely dismiss the system if we want to see the full potential realized of modern hardware.
Jagsrock  +   799d ago
lots of awesome looking platformers in the eshop.
RedHawkX  +   799d ago
sounds good but the wii u been out for a long time and i want games like right now. not when other systems and games are coming out. i mean now as in starting this month and next month. any later then that an i have no use for the wii u to have games because ill already have games like gta5, gt6, ps4, beyond 2 souls, etc
SpiralTear  +   799d ago
Wow, that's a lot of indie support. I heard that Oddworld: New n' Tasty was coming to the eShop but Stranger's Wrath HD too? That's a great one to note.
ShaunCameron  +   799d ago
I enjoyed the second half of the video. But the Upcoming Wii games of 2010-2011 was the most memorable one for me. Very well-made.
hakesterman  +   799d ago
I doubt that even half that many will be released and less than 6 of them will be even remotely worth their price.
Wii U = Epic Failure!
TechnicianTed  +   798d ago
A couple of other pearls of wisdom from hakesterman, just to give you an idea on why you shouldn't trust his opinion on ANYTHING -

His view on Mirrors Edge -

'That was a Horrible Game. Just plain Stunk!'

His view on the PS4 -

'PS4 = Junk waist money.'
hakesterman  +   797d ago
I never said PS4 was Junk and Yes Mirror Edge Stunk. Just my opinion on one game, Deal with it. Like anyone should trust your opinion!
jcnba28  +   798d ago
Wii U mad son?
jakmckratos  +   799d ago
I believe they literally mean physical copies of games HITTING Wii U's as their angry owners toss the few that Wii U does have at their consoles
thomasmiller  +   798d ago
WHAT THE WII U IS ONLY GETTING 70 GAMES?? IT'S A FAILURE! iT'S DOOMED!! MICROSOFT AND SONY ARE GOING TO HAVE 100 BILLION BY THE END OF THE YEAR!!!......BLAH! BLAH, BLAH!!! yeah, look at the wii u games a coming, but trolls still say wii u has no games, and they are doomed!! I wonder what it's like in the alternate universe that they live in?
kryteris  +   798d ago
all of em look like arcade/indie or small studio games priced at $50.00
BosSSyndrome  +   797d ago
Yeah because we totally know the price of these unreleased games. Why don't you watch the second half of the video where they show the retail games, some of which are coming to other platforms, and tell me "small studio" they are. Ass.
PopRocks359  +   798d ago
Well, so much for it having no games.
hakesterman  +   797d ago
It has no Games, and it isn't getting any better, their just trying to postpone the inevitable. A complete system failure.
PopRocks359  +   797d ago
Riiiiiight. 70+ games is definitely "complete failure." Gotcha.
hakesterman  +   797d ago
PopRocks359 if you believe they actually have 70 games comming anytime soon then we need to meet up cause i have some water frontage property i'd like to sell you in California for just a $200 an acher.

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