IGN: Saints Row 2 details, teaser trailer and screens

The gangster lifestyle has been popularized to the nth degree since Grand Theft Auto first burst onto the scene so many years ago. In August of 2006 Saints Row released to the Xbox 360 as the first, of what was then known as next-gen, free-roaming killing sprees. The nature of the original Saints Row was about delivering over-the-top characters and action set in a grizzled city environment. Saints Row 2 picks up after the events of the first with your character broken and unsure of his loyalties. IGN recently spoke with James Tsai, Lead Designer for Saints Row 2 at Volition Studios, to get the scoop on everything from returning characters, new mission types and the development team's confidence in going up against the monster known as GTA IV.

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TnS3681d ago

I expected a bit more teasing. :)

Breakfast3681d ago

They shouldve had a girl, in a dress, showing some ankle skin

toughNAME3681d ago

"The Saints didn't solve a god damn thing"

"Drugs are still being pushed, innocent people are still being killed"

Thanks for rewarding me, after all those hours put into the first game/

ikiru33853681d ago

i'll see if this has the firepower to go against GTA4......surprise me, Volition!

Tommie3681d ago

That must have been the worst teaser trailer I've ever seen.

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The story is too old to be commented.