Time Extend: Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

EDGE - Mirth, music and multiplayer: why Sam Fisher’s third outing was so much more than your standard-issue military fantasy.

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Dr Pepper2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

Sigh, reading this made me quite sad. It was truly the last great installment in the series, bringing together the best parts of the previous two games and then adding a great deal more through design choices, moves, game modes (co-op was/is so much fun), music, etc.

I love that this article brought up Sam's dialogue throughout the missions, which the first two games definitely had but not in such a fleshed out way. All the little details added up to such a great game, it's a shame that such thought and effort seems to have been replaced in favor of flashy action, explosions, unlimited ammo, mark and execute, etc.

What the current lead dev of splinter cell doesn't realize is nothing they do on the guns-blazing side of things will ever compare to creeping up to the back of a tent during a storm and slowly slicing it open to grab the enemy inside. The franchise used to be a unique experience, something that broke up the monotony of "run-and-gun" it feels like every other action game on the planet.

Tom Clancy games used to stand apart from each other, offering unique experiences that involved specific tactical elements and game play styles. Now they are morphing to the same, generic games with no defining characteristics. Honestly, that sentiment can be applied in a broader sense to most of Ubisoft's hardcore gaming lineup, where each game uses the same ideas (in a visual and gameplay sense) as the one next to it.

Anyways, Chaos Theory really is/was a fantastic game.