Man of Steel Review (GameWoof)

At the risk of stating the obvious, superhero games have one primary objective: make the player feel like he or she is the character the game is based off of. Man of Steel, published by WB Games and developed by Phosphor games (of Dark Meadow fame) fails to do this on any significant level.

Part of the issue is that an Infinity-Blade like “dodge and slash” game doesn’t lend itself to the idea we all have in our head of Superman. Being completely restricted in movement, only “flying” (which is really just watching a movie Superman fly) from battle to battle isn’t what we all imagine when we picture ourselves as Superman. Most of us dream of flying free through the air and taking on hapless criminals with ease due to our near invincibility and super human strength. The Superman in Man of Steel feels weak and vulnerable to defeat at any moment, just a few hits by an enemy is enough to see Superman’s energy bar depleted by half or more. In fact, if it weren’t for Clark Kent’s face and the costume, Man of Steel wouldn’t even register as a Superman game.

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Lovable2002d ago

OMG I agree with this review. What a disappointment.

hellvaguy2001d ago

Not sure about the game, but the movie was fantastic.