Free Skype Credit For Inside PS Vita Members

If you’ve signed up to Inside PS Vita, you may have noticed that you received an email at some point todaycontaining a Skype voucher. The code grants you with up to 40 minutes of Skype calls to mobiles and landlines for free.

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Baylex1969d ago

Got mine too!! I'm waiting to use it when I really need it!

justastranger101969d ago

MS owns Skype. PS owners should thank MS for allowing it.

kneon1969d ago

It wouldn't make sense to restrict availability of Skype. They paid $8.5 billion for Skype so to make the most from that investment it has to be everywhere.

ooquis1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

Justastranger10.....and Xbox owners should thank SONY for blu-ray.

valet_Smerdyakov1969d ago

@justastranger10: so if someone buys you an amazon voucher you are thankful to amazon for allowing it? :-D

Baylex1969d ago

Everyone don't mind him, his just a stranger..

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tarbis1969d ago

Lol, I still haven't used mine yet from previous vouchers.


Skype come on ps4
Skype come on ps4

WeAreLegion1969d ago

I don't think it needs Skype, to be honest. I'm sure it will have fine voice/video chat without the need for Skype.

valet_Smerdyakov1969d ago

I would prefer a google chat/hangout support.

Salooh1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

How can i sign up ?..

Edit: I got mine immediately when i sign up :P

Septic1969d ago

Wouldn't this have to be signed off by MS, seeing as they own Skype?

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