H-Hour: World’s Elite Interview With Creative Director David Sears

David Sears, former creative director of the beloved SOCOM series and also former creative director at Ubistoft studios, is back and ready to give the hardcore, FPS gaming community what they’ve been waiting for: a true ‘tactical’ and ‘team-based’ shooter that honors the source material as well as the men and women of the world’s militaries.

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ssj271879d ago

good interview!
i already plage my $50 and they are half way to go..
I hope they reach their goal! we need a game like this!

people back this project!! please...

Suicidal11879d ago

This game needs to happen. It should appeal not only to SOCOM fans, but Rainbow 6, Counter Strike, Ghost Recon fans as well. It'll be PC and PS4. Head over to Kickstarter and help make this happen! G^

Dire7901878d ago

Gonna be a good game, listening to what the community wants is key!

harbie1878d ago

Agreed this game will change shooters forever.