5 Ways Riley (The Dog..) Will Impact CoD Ghosts

When CoD Ghosts announced dogs were going to be a part of the game, the excitement online was as abundant as it was vague. How exactly will dogs affect how we play Call of Duty?

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famoussasjohn1996d ago

Does the dog have a goofy mask like the guys he takes orders from?

ape0071996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

MW3 was a huge disappointment for me, it lacked that old Infinity Ward feel, the levels were average, the two greatest CoD games are CoD 4 and MW2 and they are two of the best shooters ever imo , bo2 is nice but not as good as bo1, it appears that one of my fav game series is Regressing (quality wise)

what got me excited about ghosts is the new developers that IW hired, according to them t heteam is bigger than ever and along with the heavily upgraded engine, im excited about it, i hope it bring back that old CoD Magic

BattleReach1996d ago

Jesus Christ. Another article about that overhyped dog. Please let it die. Stupid shit ass dog developed by a studio that became a shitty, lazy game developer.

a_bro1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

German Shepherds aren't overhyped. COD is..

IBleedXbox1996d ago

lmfao call of duty adding a dog. mean while battlefield 4 is killing COD ghost