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GameDynamo - "Having played Battlefield 4 at E3, I am pretty disappointed. I went into the playable demo at E3 pretty optimistic, but I left wondering what exactly the hook is. "

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T3AMRR1975d ago

Normally this is in game experience that only happens to Cod Players who do not know what to do in a game like Battlefield .......It´s the same as putting a player from a rugby team to play with Messi or Ronaldo .. .... he really does not know what to do :)) feels lost ...............

I honestly do not know why they continue to give importance to opinions of players who simply do not know what a game Batllefield is ?? :((

venom061975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

amen... couldn't have said it any better... these articles from random nobodys need to be taken with a grain of salt... especially from folks that have absolutely no clue of what Battlefield is or fail to mention the PLETHORA of changes, enhancements and evolutions that have been made to the game...

Parasyte1975d ago

"On the other hand, this scale can be intimidating for new players, especially when they don't know what they're doing. I started the match spawning close to my team in a section of a map pretty far from where both teams would meet, which stayed as the spawn point for me, although the skirmish in the middle of the map had already started. I kept spawning at the same spot, getting sniped from afar, and I wasn't able to find my teammates for a while. Considering what happened when I switched classes, I'm not sure if this was a glitch or something intended to happen"

This proves that the author has never touched a Battlefield game before and had absolutely no friggin' clue what he was doing.

Cerberus291975d ago

" At the moment, the class system seems to heavily lean towards the assault class due to the weapon loadout, with a big difficulty curve when using other classes like the medic."

Um... What? The assault class IS the medic.

Parasyte1975d ago

As I and the others above me have said, the author of this article has clearly never played a Battlefield game before and has absolutely know idea what he is doing in-game.

3-4-51975d ago

Yea this writer is obviously making things up.

hemmo19861975d ago

What a noob! Sounds like he doesn't even understand the spawn system, which is essential for everyones squads. Hilarious!