Top 7… Michael Jackson involvements in gaming

GamesRadar - Y'know, we were wondering if we could keep on. Because, this Top 7, it's got a lot of power, and it makes us feel like... it makes us feel like...OOOOOOH! Say what you will about his personal life, but there's no denying that Michael Jackson was one of the greatest entertainers of our time. June 25 marks the anniversary of MJ's untimely death, and while he'll best be remembered for his astounding body (of music), the man behind the moonwalk also made SHAMONE! a mark on the video game medium.

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slpknt6sic61853d ago

Michael Jackson touched the game industry as he did others....

ThyPizzaGod1853d ago

Those feels man. I wonder if he played any of these games. Probably just moon walked over Them and buried 'Em with E.T.

BallsEye1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

you're f***** dumb. Another sheep eating what media feeds him. MJ is an ICON and a great man. This generation of music and today's kids is a disgrace to humanity.

slpknt6sic61853d ago

Relax its a joke, also he may be an icon to you but to me he isn't great at all. Its not like I called him a kid diddler.

ThyPizzaGod1853d ago

It Was the illurminartiii

BallsEye1853d ago


Sorry mate, It just pisses me off how people easily believe in anything they show in tv. R.I.P MJ and all other amazing stars that we just don't see today anymore.

MWH1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

slpknt6sic6.. it's not your fault..

slpknt6sic61853d ago

@ballseye: sorry man I was out of line and it was a taste less joke I can admit that.