Code Of Princess – Interview

The rather sexy-looking Code Of The Princess has recently launched on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Game-Modo caught up with Nakajima, the producer over at Agatsuma entertainment, to get an insight into the game and what’s coming next.

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CrossingEden1971d ago

*looks at article, see the clearly underage teenage girl with barely covered tits, shakes head, leaves*
seriously, tired of bad unoriginal character design from japan -_-

AsimLeonheart1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Every culture is different and each culture has different norms. What is strange and unoriginal for you is normal and attractive for others. Have you ever thought that Japanese may think the same about the western games and media? Muscular, insensitive and rugged men with no mercy attitude? "Strong" and confident/overconfident women that take shit from nobody especially males and can beat up 25 men including the hero; all the while still looking slim, hot and sexy? See?
The bottom-line is that keep an open mind towards other cultures and respect them without judging them based on your own culture.

CrossingEden1970d ago

there is nothing normal about liking to see 16 year old girls or younger in skimpy clothing -_-

AsimLeonheart1970d ago

There you go again; still not getting the point. There is nothing absolute and standards and norms change with culture. You are being ethnocentric and believe that your culture is the right and better one just because you have been raised in that culture. Do you know that many cultures consider 16 years of age the peak of beauty and youth for a girl? They are considered young adults and old enough to marry. For example, in India there are many romantic songs that mention the heroine being 16 and beautiful. Similarly, do you know that there is a tribe in Amazon forest that permits having sex with anybody's wife or husband whenever you want. They believe that being restricted to one man or woman just because of getting married is wrong. Anybody who feels bad about his/her spouse having sex with another is considered corrupted by western moral values. Amazing how the standards of wrong and right can with culture, huh?
Again my advice is that broaden your mind and learn more about people. Maybe take up a sociology course in college? Your culture is not the "right" culture and there are many different cultures around the world with different notions of right, wrong, normal and abnormal.