Website Teases Next Mortal Kombat

A "next-gen" Mortal Kombat was announced back in September of 2006 but hasn't been heard from since. That looks like it is about to change., a website registered to Ed Boon and Midway Games, has recently updated with a countdown clock. Ed Boon is the creative director of the Mortal Kombat team.

The countdown ends in just under 20 days and promises answers when it runs out. It just so happens that Midway's Gamers Day event is April 17, roughly 20 days from now.

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kewlkat0073735d ago

and were golden.

Fighters genre on the comeback, I luv it.

I wish "Brawlers" would make a comeback.

MK_Red3735d ago

Enter the MK!
Till now Fallout 3 has been my obessison but not it's time to put MK in MK_Red!
I've been tracking for 2 weeks but the teaser images made me go crazy and forget it till Midway gamer's day.

Awesome pit! I used that as wp long ago :)

Jack Meahoffer3735d ago

Sorry Sony fangirls! WAIT B3YOND for the port a year after release on 360.