MGS4: Not the End for Metal Gear?

Metal Gear Solid 4 has been speculated to the end of many things: Kojima's role as Producer, and Solid Snake's career, if not his life. But will it be the end of the Metal Gear franchise? Not if Ryan Payton's words on the recent Kojima Report podcast are anything to go by.

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Regret3619d ago

Well. it's end for Snake...

The Killer3619d ago

but not the franchise!!
i really liked solid snake character, specially in MGS1!! he was THE man!! in MGS2 almost he wasnt there!! in MGS3 it was his father so not him!! i am really looking forward for this game!!! 50GB game!!!

raiden doesnt look so bad in MGS4, he looks more manly then when he was in MGS2!

MGS franchise is an amazing franchise!! its one of the game that made me love gaming and playstation brand!!

ruibing3619d ago

I hope they don't do what DMC did by making his successor look EXACTLY like him.

MADGameR3619d ago

NOT the end of the series! Which means there will probably be another Snake clone maybe? or maybe Snake will be drugged and become exoskelleton Snake?

RecSpec3619d ago


In a way they kinda did already, Big Boss, Snake.

TheExecutive3618d ago

yep... Metal Gear wont end with Snake but Snake will end at the hands of Metal Gear :(

Utalkin2me3618d ago

You guys didnt know it was going to be 2 games. Yeah you pay 40 dollars for six levels. Then you pay 60 bucks for the real game later on.

ryuyasho3618d ago

Snake's life will by his own hand. He is un-killable, the best soldier, only HE can terminate himself and it's very fitting for a MGS ending...

that 15-min MGS4 trailer really screwed my head real bad...

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AlterEgo3619d ago

I caught that too.

One reason why I love listening to the KP Reports.

ichimaru3619d ago

The last KOJMA metal gear

Kami3619d ago

Kojima is Metal gear.
No Kogima = no greatness.

LJWooly3619d ago

The last Metal Gear Solid probably, but not the last Metal Gear.

Gothdom3619d ago

yeah, it's like Inafune... since he's not really involved with Mega Man, the series became ultimate crap.

I don't want to, but Metal Gear will surely suffer the same fate.

jackdoe3619d ago

I don't know. As long as development is kept within Kojima Productions, we shouldn't have anything to worry about. Hell, Shuyo Murata, director of ZOE2 and co-director of MGS4, looks capable of continuing the MG franchise.

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Vertius3619d ago

It's the last Metal Gear Solid.

It's not the last Metal Gear. I wouldn't be surprised if Kojima played some role in future games, just not directing.

Kami3619d ago

idk why but I always tought that Otakon was like the in-game Kojima

sandip7873619d ago

hasnt this already been said?
its the last game for snake but not the last in the metal gear universe.
or have i imagined that?
anyway, MGS4 FTW!

jackdoe3619d ago

Exactly. This has been said several times. To be more precise, this will be the final Metal Gear game with Snake in it, chronologically. Meaning that they Snake may still be in prequels/remakes but for titles that take the narrative beyond MGS4, Snake will be gone, possibly replaced by Raiden.

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The story is too old to be commented.