First screenshot of Warhorse Studios' Unnamed CryEngine 3 RPG Game

Alive Game Zone - The first screenshot of Warhorse Studio's upcoming unnamed open-world historical RPG game has been revealed lately today.

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Cuthbo1997d ago

I am curious to see what CryEngine 3 can do when it doesn't restrict the players to a small path ridden game.

CrossingEden1997d ago

ryse is running on the cryengine 3

xhi41997d ago

Still a linear path game though.

Cuthbo is curious about a CryEngine 3 open world game like this is or Far Cry 3.

Cuthbo1997d ago

@ xhi4

I felt Far cry 3's graphics were limited graphically because the console versions were so far behind. I'm curious to see a truly next gen version game running the engine.