Link Between Gun Violence and Video Games is Flawed, Says Media Coalition

A new report claims the harm of violent video games has "skewed the debate and fuels misguided calls for censorship ... and those who support [calls for censorship] ignore ample evidence to the contrary."

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KrisButtar1938d ago

Has any other country besides the US think that there is a link between the two?

dredgewalker1938d ago

Actually a lot of countries have the same misguided idea. Humanity has always been violent since the beginning of time along with stupidity.

Blankolf1938d ago

Has somebody come up with the idea that perhaps the liberation of guns is the main reason of gun violence? Just a thought.

Has anybody thought that perhaps the violence in gaming lets people have their own "anti-violence" effect on people, since they have thrown their need for violence there? I think I've seen around here a study that proved with the coming years of evolution in gaming, young criminals were far less than before, at least those with associated gaming habits.

3-4-51937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

1 billion gamers

Did 1 billion people go shoot somebody ?

No ?

Case closed.

Nothing more needs to be said.

Dr Pepper1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

Unfortunately, I doubt any amount of evidence will quiet the rants about the poisonous influence of video games (or whatever headlines they use). It is what many of them want to believe, which makes them very unlikely to accept evidence (or lack thereof) that goes against their preconceived notions.

I just don't understand the jump that an individual is supposed to make. You go from killing predominantly bad guys in a game, to shooting innocent people in real life? What's the cause? The game? Shooting people in a game doesn't give you a purpose/reason to do it in real life. You'd already have to be far gone in terms of mental instability to begin to think along those lines, which wouldn't be the fault of the game.

Soldierone1938d ago

How come the media never talks about the good in video games? Like a little known fact that teaching a kid through games has a 90 percent improvement on what they learn? Gamers have better reaction times and have better memories. It relieves stress better than any other thing out there.

Yet, hey lets pretend it causes violence.....

Minato-Namikaze1938d ago

Small disagreement, I think some good sex relieves stress better than anything out there, lol.

Soldierone1937d ago

I don't disagree, it comes down to the survey you find. Some say video games out pace it, while others say it comes in second.

either way I think it has above a 50 percent change in people.

gazgriff2k121938d ago

oh wait my bad just a planet full of bad parents, move on nothing to see here