EA almost didn't put DICE on new Star Wars Battlefront game, says EA exec

Electronic Arts announced DICE as the developer of a new Star Wars Battlefront game, but the publisher was planning to put a different studio on it until DICE "begged to do it," said EA's Patrick Söderlund in an interview with CVG.

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WorldGamer1972d ago

Well, I think when a studio is so enthusiastic about a project and their main, staple game (BF Series) shares a lot of similarities with material in question, EA could have done a lot worst than DICE.

As long as they respect the source material and only implement changes/updates when needed, I can see this new project being a nice progression of the Battlefront series.

Can't wait to see what they come up with.

Mr_Nuts1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

They better not ruin this, I mean they better not add stuff which is in Battlefield, COD every other multiplayer game these days. They should just stick to the formula that we had

No custom loadouts, no perks, no paid stuff, no items which give you an advantage, no loadout points etc

Just give us the pre set classes which are balanced and let us pick the person which fits our play style.

I'm just scared that they will use this game as the game to take on COD...since Medal of Honour hasn't been good the past two times. I'd rather them use Battlefield and Bad Company to take on COD and let Battlefront 3 be different

ExPresident1972d ago

'No custom loadouts, no perks, no paid stuff, no items which give you an advantage, no loadout points etc'

We could only wish lol, but me and you both know that will be a pipe dream.

Mr_Nuts1972d ago

I know but I hope it does happen

Look at how much more fun Uncharted 2 was compared to Uncharted 3 after they added all that crap.

It's like the perfect example of how multiplayer gimmicks can ruin a games online

PurpHerbison1972d ago

You already know that most of what you are scared of WILL happen, right? I don't want to burst your bubble but we have to be realistic about this and not get our hopes up.

Mr_Nuts1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Well if most people know that this will happen shouldn't we start complaining so it won't happen

What's the point waiting years for another Battlefront if it's going to turn into something which isn't Battlefront

pixelsword1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Oh, I'm sure they will.

You'll probably have Tauntaun armor, too.

jmc88881972d ago

Well the thing is alot of the stuff they added, made the genre better.

If you play Battlefront II now it is very dated and archaic. Very fun for it's time, but changes are definitely needed besides a graphics bump.

Custom loadouts would be great, especially if the loadouts are constrained to the various classes. What I'm saying is all classes have different weapons and abilities to choose from.

Now I can live with or without CoD style airstrikes and such, but in a world where there is a clone army potentially able to be called in, it would make sense. Seeing a Attack of the Clones style helicopter type craft with a clone on a big machine laser gun shooting around would make the game feel more like an actual Star Wars Battle.

I wouldn't mind seeing some match end with the Death Star in orbit firing at the planet....much like a Battlefront version of Nuketown end game nuke detonation.

Battlefield 3 had some great vehicles. I can't wait to see what they do with Star Wars style ones.

I also hope we have space battles. It would be fun to have one side try to protect the Death Star, while another try to destroy it (both Star Wars and ROTJ style would be great).

I see this as more of a fun fantasy take on the multiplayer shooter.

Someone did make a CoD mode that turned it into a CoD: Battlefront style game and it looked great. Never played it though.

Battlefield 3 was really great, especially the PC version which avoided the limitations on the 360/PS3. Great level design. Big open maps. Small close quarters maps. Maps where you jump off the side of a mountain to get down to the next part.

When you think of the wild worlds in the Star Wars universe you can come up with some great stuff. Lava eruptions on Mustafar. Sandstorms on Tatooine. Jungle. Urban. A wide variety of locales and the ability to make them any way they want because of the license afforded to invent the unseen alien worlds.

No matter what Battlefront 3 can be both different and similar from BF3/4 and CoD and still pay homage to its Star Wars license and Battlefront roots.

I for one can't wait.

DeadlyFire1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

We all know there is already a Pre-order now to get the Darth Vader's journey map pack with an exclusive flamethrower and jetpack for your soldier. Map design has to be pretty stellar in this new game if there is a class with a jetpack, vehicles, and so on. I don't expect jedi to be a big role in the game if the story is leading up to the new movies. Since most Jedi are endangered by that time.

Maps should be better than ever before. 64 player multiplayer, Destruction?, Swords/lightsabers(if in the game with a class. Should not be invincible.), jetpacks, rockets, poison darts?, Thermal detonators, and more?

Considering how DICE is actually pushing a story in Battlefield 3, and Battlefield 4. What direction will they take a Star Wars story. Could we see the precursor to a new war for the upcoming Star Wars films?

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GiggMan1972d ago

Damn I wonder who they were going to get to do it... The Medal of Honor team? *shivers*

Neixus1972d ago

probably, i'm glad they chose patrick bach to lead the game

DOMination-1972d ago

Isn't that who dice la are? (The devs for this)

I thought they just renamed danger close to dice la

NatureOfLogic1972d ago

Meh, I want to see some new games and ideals for next gen. Sequels and remakes won't do it for me.

esemce1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

I hope it is at the same level of quality as the Battlefield games and not just rushed out in time for the new movie.

2015 release should give them plenty of time.

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