Activision, Ubisoft, Bethesda Undecided on Next-Gen Used Games

One of the biggest talking points of the last month has been how used games will work on next-generation consoles. Even though Microsoft will now support used games and Sony will do the same, whether or not publishers will choose to somehow circumvent that policy remains to be seen.

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US8F2001d ago

They are undecided because they don't want to be the black sheep who imposes it, so they wanted MS to take the lead and win. Trust me, publishers want nothing than to add more and more money in their pocket, even if it means screwing retailers. But now they can't because they will lose a huge fan base and don't want to be singled out.

Thank you Sony, and thank you Consumers for voting for what is right and stop the corporate greed.

dedicatedtogamers2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

They are undecided because I guarantee you - despite what some of the company PR claimed - that many of these companies had already finalized their own DRM plans, especially companies like EA.

But after Microsoft gutted themselves and started bleeding all over the concrete, 3rd parties were like "huh. Maybe we shouldn't announce our plans. Maybe we should wait and see how this pans out".

You realize that Sony and Nintendo were the ONLY publisher/developers in the ENTIRE game industry who came out and explicitly said "we are not restricting used games at all". Then eventually Microsoft got the memo.

Why wouldn't 3rd parties also follow suit and announce right away "we're not using DRM, either"? That's because they already WANT to use DRM, and now they have to figure out how much they can push the envelope without losing business.

US8F2001d ago

Well said, + bubble from me

Sam Fisher2001d ago

Definitely well said, i give a bubble +

GameCents2001d ago

SONY are also the only console manufacturer with online passes so lets not go pretending they are heaven's gift to gamers as far as this whole used games saga goes.
The only reason they dropped online passes for next gen is because online play is now behind a paywall.

Nintendo are the only "champion of gamers" as far as used games go. No online passes and no multiplayer paywall ever.

NihonjinChick2001d ago

EA has come out and said they are not going to do things like that. Even after the MS announcement. They are trying to change their image.

adorie2001d ago

Great comment. I have my own way of going about the points you made, but we are in tandem with the big picture.

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CrossingEden2001d ago

so when studios who create great games can't do them anymore i'll blame ungrateful people like you who have NO idea how the financial side of game development and distribution work

WorldGamer2001d ago

I'm sure it's not ideal, but at the end of the day it could work to their advantage.

I never listened to alternative, but in graduate school I was able to download some Coldplay from my friends computer over the sheared network, now I'm a huge fan, purchasing their music and supporting them through concert attendance.

Now, I know the gaming industry business structure is different, I have also done the same with games. I purchased Fallout 3 used and am now looking forward to purchasing New Vegas new and Fallout 4 day one.

You can gain new customers through the sale of new games, but I guess many would still opt for the used copy, so I guess that leads us back to the initial problem.

Catch 22 I guess.

Benjammin252001d ago

The greed of these big companies is unbelievable. It'll come back to bite them in the ass, wait and see.

Sam Fisher2001d ago

And i want to see them burn when it is that time :)

MNGamer-N2001d ago

They want more money to cover their ass when they make a flop. Avoiding THQ syndrome

Sam Fisher2001d ago

And this is why we need used games, so developers dont get lazy and make millions, i dont want gaming to become the new "infommercials" program.

Drekken2001d ago

I hope they all put DRM so I don't have to spend money on their games.

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