It wasn't your feedback that changed the Xbox One policies, it was your dollars

Microsoft claims that they rolled back their anti-used and lending game policies in response to overwhelming customer feedback. Don't be fooled, the move was entirely based on lackluster preorder performance. Here's how we know.

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reef10171970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

So true because if pre-order numbers where on par with sonys they would have not gave a damn what the feedback was. even the after the change the numbers have not improved that much they still have that $100 price difference.

NewMonday1970d ago

the gaming community revolt spread the news around and that translated into the XBone boycott.

if it was all just nerd rage with no substance then MS would have brushed it off, but the gamers talked with their wallets, they only language MS or any company understands.

and it's not all back to the 360 like hegemony in the USA just yet, a large portion of fans are disenchanted after all this saga.

pompombrum1969d ago

I actually don't think it's because gamers talked with their wallets. I think it's because the hate was spreading was a wildfire and getting to the point where they couldn't spin a positive marketing campaign around it. Having gamers make youtube opinion videos criticizing it is one thing but having the console made fun of on the Jimmy Fallon show is a completely different scenario and risks effecting their o so precious family/casual consumer that Microsoft are obsessing over.

rezzah1969d ago

Maybe it is a mixture of both of your opinions. But which of the 2 had more impact?

Cam9771970d ago

That's Microsoft for you and the reason why I'm not giving them a cent.
They couldn't care less about the consumer.

tw0qwk1969d ago

but if they were on par with sony they wouldn't have bad feedback... so they wouldn't have to change the policies. so you cant have bad feedback and good pre orders or good feedback and bad pre orders. so of course they changed the policies due to the pre order numbers because that is most of the feedback.

Why o why1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

I think its that they didn't react to the feedback at all because they had more than enough time to do so or at least address the matter....when the pre order numbers came out, ms then found out it wasn't just the vocal minority who were unhappy. Their arrogance and attitude sucked and some wont forgive them for that. People need to understand that.

They've steadied the ship so to speak but there's been major damage done.

AMZSS1969d ago

It is true ... It wasn't our voice it was our wallets . I didn't vote with my voice this time , I voted with my money .

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Excalibur1970d ago

Thanks, we already know that.

US8F1970d ago

Who's we exactly?

You have official gaming sites that claim that it wasn't the consumers but Sony that forced Microsoft's hand. Yes, they are not to be believed because they only report what Microsoft says, but some people whole heartily believe it and hop on again into the Xbox bandwagon, saying that microsoft cares for the consumers.

I understand Sony is a business that wants to make money too but I rather take quality(many years of support + PS PLUS) and being genuine than those garbage execs who are arrogant, and trying to have gamers on lock down, while each one contradicts the other.

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

More so, we have an increase number of Xbox fanboys joining the past couple of days and disagreeing with everyone who talks positive about Sony. I wouldn't run it past them being on some payroll to discredit everything sony. We seen the bullying first hand from a Microsoft Exec anyways.

o-Sunny-o1970d ago

Its their way of business. Accept it or leave it!

Tee7soo1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

is this supposed to be surprising news! every company in the world care about their profit so its a no brainer that Microsoft did a 180 with their policies when the Xbox one preorders did not do to well .

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