EA expects two more years of cross-gen game releases

While many gamers will undoubtedly flock to the new-generation consoles launching later this year, many gamers will probably sit back and continue to enjoy their PS3s and Xbox 360s. Why? Because so many titles are still releasing for these aging platforms.

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Rearden1970d ago

No different than previous generation.

Dannehkins1970d ago

Makes sense. This is the probably the best time to support current gen consoles seeing as they have a huge install base now compared to when they first started.

CoolBeansRus1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Yes, GTA 5 on next gen consoles plz. PSA and X1 with better graphics and stuff :D

-GametimeUK-1970d ago

Sounds good. We may see better versions of games on the PS3 than the PS4. A great example of this is Double Agent. I preferred the PS2 version more than my 360 version.

CaulkSlap1970d ago

I wish it weren't so. I've been playing PS3/360 games at higher resolution and fidelity on PC for years now. Any game produced with the PS3/360 as the lowest common denominator is going to suffer from the same design limitations as current gen games. With PS4/XBO as the baseline for development, there's potential for much more detailed and immersive worlds.

Obviously doesn't matter for a big majority of simpler games, but I want the biggest and best as next-gen only.

ssj271970d ago

I agree but PC has a lower common denominator to, is stupid how stupid you and a PC gamer could be by not understanding this fact.. PC games have to run in old low end PC's

but I agree with you I hope games stop been hold back by the PS3/360 ..

example PES14 is PS3/360 only and they are making sure PES15 will be great in the PS3/360 but it will be a true next gen jump in their PS4/XBONE version and that is amazing!

RumbleFish1970d ago

ssj, You definitely don't know, how PC gaming works.

PC versions will allways have the option to be superior.

I will support the PS4 because it's allways the early adopters who strengthen the industry and who are able to create momentum.

For me the best combination is a PC and a Playstation as it was this gen. Have a PC for multiplats and a Playstation for exclusives and you will have the best value.

If I was younger and if I had more time to spend on games, I would consider buying another console, but since I am not a Nintendo gamer and my time is very limited, this is my choice.

CaulkSlap1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

I absolutely understand that. That's the entire reason PC exclusives haven't advanced well past consoles by now. The high end hardware just isn't being utilized. You can run PS3/360 to PC ports on damned near anything now days. The PC version of a PS4/XBO game would have much higher system requirements and I'm looking forward to it. Just gives us a new baseline to scale up from.

ssj271970d ago

true that PS4/XBONE will bring better quality ..
I'm as mad as you, I'm not a PC gamer.. this gen last way to long I'm tired of it since two years ago.. don't get me wrong some good games keep coming but obviously they could have been better.

but saying low end PC does not affect in any ways high end PC is crazy. please .. don't.

anyways don't forget to support H-HOUR
I already pledge $50

we need games like this!! support it!! it will be a amazing game!!!

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