Race Driver GRID HD Gameplay

Four HD videos with gameplay from a Xbox 360 preview version.

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Lord Anubis3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Doesn't look like what was claim to be in-game or the screenshot on top right of the screen. :(

I feel silly for feeling let down, i should have known better.

InMyOpinion3645d ago

The lighting makes it look blurry(blooms away!). Also, the handling looks to be as crappy as in Dirt - Shopping trolley all over again.

Maybe the time of day is set to 'afternoon' or something, but even if so is the case it doesn't look nice.

iAmPS33645d ago

They have a lot of fixing to do in this game or it's just gonna be another run of the mill arcade racing game.

I couldn't care less, I would say that GT5 is gonna keep me busy for quite a while =D

resistance1003645d ago

'I would say that GT5 is gonna keep me busy for quite a while =D'

Yep, i've spent 10 hours on it, but i still have the A and S class to do, plus i need to get all the cars and save 2mil for that F2007. and this is all before i been online.

Theres hundreads of hours of gameplay on this game, not bad for £17.99

iAmPS33645d ago

You are absolutely right, just the online play feature adds a lot more replay value, and even after you get absolutely all the cars and all you can play around with settings and customizations and get to test all of them on all your cars, it's a really impressive experience.

If you have a racing wheel like the Logitech G25, man, is gaming heaven.

resistance1003645d ago

'If you have a racing wheel like the Logitech G25, man, is gaming heaven.'

I wish, if i wasn't at uni i would so had to make do with the Driving Force Pro, but heck even that gives me one heck of an experience of Gran Turismo 5: Prologue. Make sure you put the game onto Professional settings and the physics level is amazing, this really is the most realistic game i've ever played

sonarus3645d ago

i'm so jealous of you brits. I decided to go for the GT endorsed logitech wheel cus of the quick tune option. But hopefully some day i can get a great deal on G25 wheel. For those playing with controllers i suggest using the right stick to accelerate, It offers more breaking control.

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Rick Astley3645d ago

What the hell it looks exactly like DiRT.

InMyOpinion3645d ago

Never gonna give Dirt up / Never gonna let Dirt go...

Salvadore3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

I don't like that yellow saturated look of the game, reminds me of urine.

power of Green 3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Thats the only thing that bugs me, now you know how I feel when devs start catering to non Xbox platforms with multi platform games.

Alot of games(most of them) have a saturated look to them on your platform of choice(Green, Yellow, Blue, Red, Brown. I hate un-natural warmth in games.

poopsack3645d ago

Really PoG? Because the 640p resolution on Halo 3 made it look like it had a layer of BS. Please stay on Topic, and on one account, no use to have two accounts if you suck (correction: swallow) on both of them.

sonarus3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

hahaha funny thing was he was singing his head off about how grid was going to own gran turismo. What an idiot.

resistance1003645d ago

Don't say i didn't warn ya (deep did as well)

The screens they showed made it look on PAR with GT5:P, however after playing at at LIVE it was clear it wouldn't be any where near that, a bit better than burnout at best

popup3645d ago

Yeah, looks shocking. The driver looks like a Praying Mantis.

Sevir043645d ago

yep as i thought this is nothing but a short under promise. it is nothing more than a slighty prettier version of dirt. the phyre engine or neon engine just cant do it, the yellow filter isn't really the best thing to go for if your trying to go the route of ultra realistic. bloom effects and raytracing is the way to go.

I'm sorry but iu'm not impressed i'll play it but it certainly wont be replacing GT5:P/GT5, and this prooves that those screens shown last week in that comparison was nothing more but a highly glossed up replay video to look and match GT5's ingame game play.

as i've maintained, a multi-platform game cant out do a an exclusive release thats been especially with the type of quality going into GT5, this really doesn't even look better than PGR4, let alone forza 2.....

nice try Code Masters but you need more work

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