Shuhei Yoshida on PS4

The president of SCE Worldwide Studios talks indie games, E3 and the future of PlayStation.

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project_pat361970d ago

theres still plenty of psx games on my backlog... ps2 as well but the quality in ps2 over ps1 games was minimal (imo)

Games will never be what they once were, but nothing stays young forever ( however joan rivers and betty white sure know how to stay old forever)

Cant wait for this new generation of gaming.

pedrof931970d ago

I just bubbled you up :D

Joan Rivers just turn 80.


abzdine1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

PS3 is one of the best consoles ever created because of the games quality available on it.

and when i read this:
"I don't have to ask for this feedback, they just tell me. They are so happy that they can just focus on the games. They don't have to spend so much time trying to understand the hardware." , i can't be more excited!! This is huge news for me and for gamers in general! Greatness is coming and i cant wait to see what all Sony studios have been up to during all this time!


"It's the same philosophy with PS4. We all love this immediacy and the seamless experience, and in many ways PS Vita is the inspiration for many of the features that we have incorporated into the PS4 system software designs."

So i can put the console on standby and come back a week later and resume my game?? This has been my dream for so many years!!

project_pat361970d ago

Gotta love Joan, funniest woman alive/undead :P

shivvy241970d ago

Man just look at shu's face ! So powerful and determined ! WouldBang/10

GeisT1970d ago

Indie games are lame as shit. Why would I buy a $400 dollar console to play a game that looks like it would run on my computer in 1990?

WeAreLegion1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

You're telling me The Witness can run on a 1990 computer?!?!?

And Amnesia?

And Depth?

Stop trolling. Indie games can be just as graphically commanding as any other game.

EDIT: You haven't played Amnesia?!? Are you serious? Go buy it off Steam! You haven't played Minecraft, either? Do you know what you're missing out on? Tech demos? You mean like Ryse?

GeisT1970d ago

No they can't and they never are. Tech demos are tech demos not games. No indie games shown merited a second glance. More boring crap titles to skip.

NarooN1970d ago

Dude, get some perspective. I agree actually in a way, that a lot of indie games aren't worth my time. You know, most of the 2D ones which just take one already-overdone concept and just replace the sprites and call it a day... But some are good.

And a good deal of indie games are 3D as well. Like this guy above me just mentioned, Amnesia was an indie game and it was one of the best survival horror games I've ever played.

Cryptcuzz1970d ago

It is not about buying a $400 console to play indie games only, its about buying a $400 console with the option to play indie games that could be the next big thing along with the usual 1st, 2nd and 3rd party games.

I am glad Sony is making a big push for Indie games and making them easier to be made and distributed through PSN.

I for one am excited for Indie games such as Oddworld, Contrast, Witness and many others that Sony showed at their recent presser.

Maybe indie games are not for you, maybe it is because you don't have an open mind in trying out some of the more quality ones, but I highly doubt those who have bought games such as Minecraft or Bastion will agree.

Although you are entitled to your own opinion - nothing is wrong with that, but what is truly lame as shit (your words) is for you to have that opinion and decided to still comment on such a subject.

TronEOL1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Wow, aren't you ignorant?

Indie Developers are the current way of experiencing new and different games without having to spend $60, and without them going out of business if their game doesn't sell over 500k copies.

Without them, and a few big publishers/developers, we'd having nothing but games that attempt to be like Call of Duty. Not saying Call of Duty itself is bad, but the fact that we would go to a game store and ONLY see a man walking towards the front case side every time we want to buy a game sounds utterly boring and crap.

At least now we'll have the same old feeling we had back during the NES/SNES/PSOne days when going to a game rental store and picking games just off how the box looks, and usually finding a unique experience. Without breaking the bank, obviously.

PS4 will give you options and variety. Nothing is better than those two things to gamers.

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WeAreLegion1970d ago

I would play a game called "Shuhei Yoshida" on PS4.

NarooN1970d ago

I'd buy the "Kaz Hirai" expansion pack as well. Worth every penny.

Cryptcuzz1970d ago

I'd buy all that and then buy the All in One Ultimate Collectors "Ken Kutaragi" Edition with a free Giant Enemy Crab plushie!

shivvy241970d ago

ill buy the Jack Tretton E3 2013 Sony Owns MS DLC !