The Best 11 Time Travel Stories of All Time

InfoAddict takes a look at some of the more prominent time traveling tales of all time. Two of which are the classic games Chrono Trigger and Ocarina of Time.

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Harry1903766d ago

what a great game it still is.

Genesis53766d ago

Agree. I also thought the LOK/Soul Reaver series had a good back in forth time twist to it. Man it would be great to have one for this gen!

Harry1903766d ago

soul reaver had a great 'warping' alternate
world htis day and age it still amazes me to see how they pulled those incredible effects on the psone.

Breakfast3765d ago

Nothings better then Ocarina of Time. I recently just played the game, and was wowed the whole way through.

RecSpec3765d ago

No Timesplitters!? Augh!

Skerj3765d ago

Donnie Darko and Rant should have been on that list as well. Glad to See CT and 12 Monkeys make it though.

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