The Last of us: Why next-gen is overdue

It’s no secret that PCGMedia are big fans of Sony’s first party studio Naughty Dog. Over the past generation the studio has become the paragon for interactive storytelling in the minds of many, consistently raising the bar for narrative-driven games. While Sucker Punch, Quantic Dream and Kojima productions were demoing their next-gen facial animation technology at E3, a game with comparably realistic performances was already arriving in stores. This week, Naughty Dog released their latest game, The Last of Us, to both critical and commercial acclaim. In the same amount of time, The Last of Us has grossed more than Hollywood’s latest summer blockbuster Man of Steel has in the UK.

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GDDR6_20141919d ago

This gens been going on way too long

Unicron1919d ago

I disagree. I think titles like Last of Us prove this gen warranted the extra staying power. I for one don't want to buy a new piece of hardware every 5 years.

Xaphy1919d ago

5 years is a LONG time. Like seriously? you dont want to pay 400$ for a new console every half a generation?

Unicron1919d ago

Xaphy, I really don't. Especially since next gen is so far mainly either sequels or games/genres I've already seen, just prettier.

We're no longer limited by power, we're limited by budgets/publishers and a lack of risk taking. Sure, it's fun to get a new toy, but I want to see a good reason for it!. I think the PS3/360 lasting this long was totally warranted. If the PS4/One last only 5 years, I'd be surprised.

Timesplitter141919d ago

I'm currently playing The Last of Us for the first time and I just noticed the forests look better that PS4 Killzone's forests. (minus the aliasing)

so yeah I don't think PS4 is overdue

Enemy1919d ago

The Last of Us = next-gen tier on a current-gen console.

Naughty Dog's PS4 games are going to destroy us.

HmongAmerican1919d ago

ND going to raise the bar even higher. Remember The Dark Sorcerers tech demo from E3. That's what I think we going to see from ND and Quantic Dream.

creatchee1919d ago

This is an excellent article and assessment of the situation. I loved TLOU and I'm still getting some great time in on multiplayer. But there is the big "what if?" hanging over it with the release of the PS4 in a few months.

Sure, there are pros and cons that go with the choice of having it on either console, but the author brought up a great point - the character acting and capture was wonderful, but the rest of the tech wasn't up to that high standard set by it.

I mean, Ellie would literally sometimes run back and forth right in front of a Clicker and nothing would happen. But I move more that an inch a second and I'm getting my neck chewed open. Definitely immersion-breaking, as the author said. But still forgivable, as the entire package was amazing enough to make that a non-issue.

Regardless, TLOU is one of the finest games I've ever played and I am not sorry that it was on PS3 instead of PS4. I just wonder what could have been.

Unicron1919d ago

I'd argue Ellie being caught would be frustrating as I'm not in control of her. It's about a balance between immersion and gameplay. But now the more immersive and "real" that games get, the more these little things will stand out to us.

I'd argue its actually only going to get worse next gen. Each slightly off bit of mocap, each slightly wrong facial expression or skin shader, each odd (or necessary) design choice.

infamousinfolite1919d ago

The way I look at that is worry about Ellie in some instances where the game has you focus on Ellie whenever she is being attacked but mostly worry about yourself because your job is for you to take your character Joel and use him to get Ellie to safety. If he is not alive to take her then all hop is lost so you need to protect your character.

P_Bomb1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

By the same token I don't want my AI partner costing me the match, as they do in Fuse. Especially on Survivor difficulty in Clicker nests. Ellie had to be incognito to a point. That being said she can still get caught/killed, as can Bill. Fine line.

Wni01919d ago

Great article. Uncharted 2 is easily the best console game I've ever played - not perfect, (thought there was too much shooting.)

Drakesfortune1919d ago

Uncharted is my favourite new ip this gen...

Tiqila1919d ago

would not want to decide between uc2 and tlou... both amazing games and quite the benchmark (each for its own genre)

sly-Famous1919d ago

You should try TLOU, U2 was fantastic but TLOU is five steps up and it will be a while before there is anything on the next gen consoles or PC that will be able to match it.

Wni01919d ago

i dont see how it could be THAT much better. maybe in terms of storytelling, but the gameplay/puzzles were sublime for U2. I am really excited to play it though.

Polysix1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

Sorry I've played them all and no way is TLOU anywhere close to Uncharted 2 for gameplay/exploration. I love UC1 too (UC3 left me a bit cold though, it was starting to lose the interaction for even MORE QTE/cutscenes/set pieces etc - not good)

TLOU excels in cinematics and story (as UC3 tried to) and for me both suffer in the gameplay, but are still good 'games'. UC2 was the pinnacle great graphics great controls great interaction great gameplay and good story!

And yeah, uncharted was my new favourite IP this generation too (Dead Rising showed early promise but seemed to lose it's way after 1)

Gameplay wise there's already a ton of stuff that surpasses the last of us, and next gen? Killzone SF, Second Son, The Division etc all look far more rewarding and interactive to actually play.

I'm not putting down TLOU it's epic for what it does but it's really drawn out and has too many cut scenes and too much rinse/repeat/similar/dodgy gunplay throughout.

now i know i'm going to get negged to hell. Can't help my feeling about it and wanted more addictive gameplay less linear trekking.

DigitalRaptor1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

@ Polysix

I did far more exploring in The Last of Us than Uncharted 2. Both excellent games.

I also found TLoU's gameplay more thrilling - less "fun" in the traditional, flamboyant sense, but that wasn't the point of this game or the vibe you were meant to have when playing. Its tense survival and stealth aspects, its almost tangible atmosphere, immersing AI and grim but grounded violence puts it head and shoulders above the thrill I had when playing Uncharted 2.

Each to their own, I guess.

Polysix1919d ago

@digitalRaptor - all I know is at 75% in to TLOU I've not had even half the fun I had playing Uncharted 2. I'm not some crazy swinging gun monkey who needs "FUN IN MY FACE" and I can appreciate nuances, but sorry - the gameplay that IS in TLOU is like a watered down gunplay of UC2. The stealth stuff doesn't really work as intended and the rest is really just relying on atmosphere and slow pacing to build the experience, which is fine, but the game tends to recycle the 'walk in barren landscape' enter gunfight/stealth area, watch cutscene, repeat... now UC2/3 did similar but I honestly believe the transition from gameplay to cutscene and back again was handled with more finesse (especially in 2) in a way that kept you wanting the gameplay as much as the story. In TLOU I feel the story is dominating too much over the player's own actions and reducing fun, interaction and the reason we started playing games. It's a bit too fleshed out, leaves little to the imagination and is like watching a movie with some fighting bits thrown in. There is nothing like the imaginative puzzling of UC2 or the striking atmospheric set pieces, in TLOU I feel it's just a change of scenery but pretty much repeat the same thing. No vertical play, gunplay and controls are nowhere near as fun( and yes I get that it was 'meant to feel... ').

I much prefer UC2 over TLOU (I think I even prefer UC1 and UC3 over it too). I'm not big on stories in games, I have films and books for that, and if it has a story then great, if it's nuanced and emotional like in TLOU then even better but if it wrestles choice and control from the player's hands too often it fails as a 'game' and wins as a movie. UC3 was heading that way and wasn't a patch on UC2.

Yes we all think differently so there is no right/wrong - some people want to sit back and think 'fuck, that was a COOL story' others want to feel involved at every stage. UC2 balanced it perfectly, and the gameplay was beautiful.

anyway, I know I'll replay UC2 many times but I can only see me doing one more replay of TLOU if that. It's just not as fun to *play*

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ShAkKa1919d ago

Did you guys read the lone comment on the article's website?

Mikeyy1919d ago

Lmao, I think he loves Kinect.

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