E3 2013: Top 5 Fresh Faces

GamersBliss writes: E3 is always the place for companies to announce new games. This year in particular was special not just because of the various game companies waiting to make grand new AAA announcements but because we were treated to new information regarding upcoming next-gen consoles from the two leading consoles companies. Sony and Microsoft made their announcements of the PS4 and Xbox One prior to the big show but ended up showing off a lot of exclusive games as well as releasing answers to questions gamers were sitting on since their announcements. Even with the big dogs with their brand new hardware, gamers will tend to flock to all the newest and best games out there. In order to make a good game you need a good character. This list is focused on all the new characters to the gaming industry, old franchises and new! Old franchises can be reinvented with brand new characters just as well as new IP’s thrive from characters. Over all that was shown at the entire show who do we consider our top...

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TheSuperior 1974d ago

I think that this years show was really good. Personally i dont know if he has a name or what but the guy from Ryse seems like a great 'fresh face' to me. :)

SheaHoff1974d ago

I'm interested to see how the new Assassin's Creed will turn out!

TheSuperior 1974d ago

Yea it should be interesting.

Link2DaFutcha1974d ago

So excited for 400 Days, Telltale nailed it with The Walking Dead.